Florida Tornado: Terrifying Footage Of Cars Flipping

Florida Tornado Florida is a favorite destinate for a vacation. Warm, sunny, and idyllic, it also has an unfortunate predilection for devasting hurricanes to hit the coast. However, this week, the weather went crazy with big thunderstorms and a terrifying tornado that hit North Palm Beach at about 5.00 pm on April 30. Live footage arrived that showed cars being rolled over and one was flipped multiple times through the air.

Florida News – Does Get Tornados

While people, tend to think of the Midwest when they think of tornados, Florida does have them as well. However, quite often, they are seen as water spots out at sea. Nonetheless, they are known to happen on the land. While hurricanes are terrifying, the random events of tornados seem to make them more terrifying. Unless you are an expert storm chaser, the chance of predicting exactly where one will touch down isn’t easy to guess.

Florida often experiences hurricanes, so the state seems to be well prepared for emergency response. As terrifying as they are, usually, people at least have some warning to think about boarding up their homes or evacuating the area. Many a scene of devastation arrives on our televisions. However, warnings for tornados are seldom days or weeks in advance. This weekend, a tornado that terrified people resulted in some footage that looked terrifying.

Florida  News – Tornado Footage Is Terrifying

On Sunday night, Fox Weather posted up a video on YouTube that showed some footage taken by people in Florida. Some of them revealed the tornado rolling in at North Palm Beach. Actually, that looked terrifying enough. But other footage showed cars being rolled over and over along the roads. However, the most terrifying footage came when a car was caught flying through the air.

Florida Tornado Terrifying Footage Of Cars Flipping
@daphnennico/WEATHER TRAKER/TMX via Fox Weather / YouTube

The Florida tornado actually picked up a car, spun it through the air, and then pushed it down the road with pieces of debris coming off. While it’s not known at this time if anyone died, the chances seem very high that there would have been injuries. Other images that arrived revealed a lot of trees were downed. Plus, cars were piled up on top of each other.

Florida  News – Commenters Are Concerned

People who viewed the Florida tornado footage were very concerned for the people who endured the terrifying experience. @hansonel said, “Wow! I hope the people inside those cars were OK. That’s scary.”

Another person, @mikeyd946 opined, “That is absolutely insane i hope those ppl are ok.”

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