Sarah Ferguson Saves Prince Andrew – Again

Sarah Ferguson Saves Prince Andrew - AgainThey don’t make ex-wives the same way used to, apparently. Say what you will about a person like Sarah Ferguson but there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that she is someone who deserves the Ex-Wife of The Year Award, year after year. Prince Andrew seems to be very lucky to have her as she’s managed to save him out of a tricky situation yet again. Here’s why.

Sarah Ferguson Saves Prince Andrew – Again

Even though they separated many decades ago, Prince Andrew and Fergie have remained close over the years, and mostly because they wanted to stay together to benefit their two daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice. They’ve vacationed multiple times in Switzerland as a family and raised their daughters as co-parents without conflict. If that weren’t enough, Sarah has also stood by Andrew’s side during his entire Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Giuffre ordeal and has even helped him financially, thanks to her massive success with her book sales.

And now it seems like Prince Andrew has yet another reason to thank his lucky stars as his ex-wife has saved him from yet another sticky situation in his life. Because of Sarah Ferguson’s breast cancer diagnosis, there’s a very good chance that King Charles won’t continue to proceed with his plans to evict the Duke of York from his home, the Royal Lodge. After all, it’s also the same place Sarah Ferguson calls home and there’s no way that the King of England would dare to throw a woman with cancer on the streets, right? And because Sarah lives there and is currently recuperating from her surgery, that means Prince Andrew is going to have to live there, too.

What’s Next For Prince Andrew?

Now, as far as how long Charles will let them remain in the Royal Lodge is anyone’s guess at this point, but if there’s anything that we’ve learned about the Duke of York over the years, it’s that he won’t abandon his ex-wife the same way she won’t abandon him. For King Charles, that might be a bad thing or a good thing, or even both.

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