Joy-Anna Forsyth Reveals Jinger Vuolo Reunites With Michelle Duggar

Counting On Jinger Vuolo wrote her book, Becoming Free Indeed, and it’s been noticed that neither Jim Bob Duggar nor his wife Michelle commented on it. Actually, there’s been a lot of talk about hate going the way of Joy-Anna’s sister from the rest of the family. However, this week, Joy revealed that Jinger reunited with her mom in Arkansas.

Jinger Vuolo And Joy-Anna Forsyth – Spent Time together

In mid-February, Counting On fans were thrilled to see that Joy-Anna and Jinger got together in Los Angeles. Austin went along as well, and the kids flew out with them. There, they enjoyed shopping, exploring, and eating pizza that Jeremy Vuolo cooked for them. Actually, fans seemed particularly happy because the launch of the book seemed controversial. So, they were happy that some family support with the way of Jeremy’s wife.

Bear in mind, that Jinger Vuolo slammed the teachings of Bill Gothard, and her parents had raised her with his rules. In her book and in her interviews, the former Counting On star didn’t hold back. Without actually calling out her parents by name, she let it be known that she felt disadvantaged by her upbringing. In fact, she claimed that it meant the kids never learned critical thinking skills. Some bloggers decided that her mom and dad had probably cut her off.

Jinger Vuolo – Travels To Arkansas – Reunites With Michelle

On April 1, Joy-Anna Forsyth took to her YouTube vlog and revealed that Jeremy, his wife, and the kids, all paid them a visit this time. Actually, when Joy told her TLC fans about it, she spoke quietly because of the flight they undertook. But later, they all got up and ready and parted ways. Jeremy and Austin went off to “check out some projects” with little Gideon in tow.

Joy-Anna Fosryth Reveals Jinger Vuolo Reunites With Michelle Duggar
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With the men gone off, Joy-Anna, Jinger Vuolo, and the remaining kids all got in the car and drove into town. Then, casually, Joy revealed some footage of her mom, Michelle Duggar with some of her sisters. Counting On fans saw that Jinger just casually walked up to her mom and they embraced. Well, for skeptics hoping for an estrangement, it must have been a shocking moment.

Joy-Anna Forsyth – TLC Fans React

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo also caught up with other family members, like John and Abbie, and more. In fact, it looked like happy families just torpedoed a lot of gossip about the fallout from Becoming Free Indeed.

One fan, Joanne Schwartz, said in the comments on YouTube, “I’m so happy that Jinger and Jeremy were able to visit with their girls and you all got to spend time with the family! ❤️?”

Similar comments arrived like this one by Lisa Watkins: “It’s so great to see the family spend time with Jinger and Jeremy and their children!”

Naturally, there were comments about Michelle Duggtar meeting with her daughter. Theresa Smith commented, “I had tears… seeing Michelle hugging Jinger and the big turn out to see her… lots of love.”

Did you think that Jinger Vuolo had completely been estranged from her family? Are you glad to see that doesn’t seem to be the case? Let us know in the comments below.

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