Jill Dillard Reveals Her TLC Income In Her New Book

Jill Dillard is the flavor of the year with Counting On fans. The former reality TV star wrote a book and now the contents are being disclosed, she revealed the income she earned from TLC.

Jill Dillard – Talked About Her Income Before

It was Derick who first told his followers on social media, that they left Counting On because they were paid nothing.

Meanwhile, in the Amazon docuseries, Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, Jill spoke about her income from 19 Kids and Counting. Of course, these days, Derick probably earns good money from his job as an attorney.

Jill Dillard Reveals Her TLC Income In Her New BookPlus, Jill earns on social media. Soon she will probably earn good money from her new book, Counting The Cost.

Jill Dillard expected her book to be released next year in January. However, it seems that her appearance on the Amazon docuseries really got people interested. So, her publisher moved up the release date. Soon in just a few days on Sept. 12, people can buy Counting The Cost. Apparently, it’s a Tell-All book. Naturally, people hope to find out many more Duggar family secrets.

Jill Dillard – Talks About A Pitiful Income

People Magazine revealed that when the book comes out, folks will be able to find out how small a wage the former TLC stars earned. The outlet said, and many fans know it already,  “Jim Bob Duggar handled all the financials and negotiations with the network.” The kids appeared on the show and mostly, they got nothing. Mind you, they got a roof over her heads as kids.

Jill Dillard Reveals Her TLC Income In Her New Book
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Citing Jill Dillard, Gillian Telling explained that if they traveled for the show, the family got freebies. So, that was nice. After all, they could eat decent meals “instead of rice and beans.” All of that lack of money made Derick’s wife feel like she had been “conditioned” to do with very little in her life. In fact, she carried on not really thinking about a personal income even after she married.

Finally Getting Some Cash

When she did get anything, she always felt overwhelmed with gratefulness. People quoted Jill Dillard as saying, “It makes sense that somebody would want to push that narrative [of staying grateful] because they’re the ones seeing the greater benefits.”

Eventually after a lot of struggle, the kids were given about $80K for their participation in the TLC shows. Are you surprised that it took so long for the Counting On alums to find a bit of spare money? What are your thoughts about Jim Bob Duggar hanging onto the purse strings? Let us know in the comments below.

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SOURCE: People.

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