Jinger Duggar Recalls Terrifying Childhood Memory

Jinger Duggar Jinger Duggar was a reality TV star for most of her life. Now going on 30 years old, she revealed in her book, “Becoming Free Indeed,” some of the cult-like practices that her parents engaged in. While she isn’t blaming her parents, she is pointing some fingers at Bill Gothard, the founder of the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP). Her book talks about how she was raised in an atmosphere of fear. This week, she recalled how terrified she was as a kid.

Jinger Duggar – Was Taught To Follow Rules

It seems as if Josh Duggar’s sister is blaming Bill Gothard for taking in her mom and dad, Jim Bob Duggar, and Michelle. While some folks think that she simply swapped one religion for another, some of her recollections of her childhood seem extreme. In fact, she literally lived her life with a list of rules that could not be broken. These rules included things like I’m not wearing attractive clothes or dating a boy without a chaperone. In fact, when she spoke with Tamron Hall she told the TV host that her childhood was completely filled with fear.

Jinger Duggar claimed that her parents never taught her to think for herself because there were a lot of rules that answered every question that their daughter might have. So she never learned to think for herself. As an adult, she struggles to break free of the restrictive regulations and rules that she grew up under. Fortunately, she married Jeremy Vuolo who actually helped her to see how fearful her life had been. This week, she opened up about one particularly terrifying childhood memory.

Jinger Duggar – Was Terrified Of Jesus

This week, the former TLC star opened up and spoke with Fox News. In her interview, she described her fear-filled childhood. Certainly, fans of the TLC show were aware of her strict upbringing. Many people watched Counting On out of fascination that in this day and age women were so severely restricted. However, the show was careful not to reveal how much their religion impacted the girls.

Jinger Duggar Recalls Terrifying Childhood Memory
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TLC fans sometimes saw Jinger Duggar and the rest of the family playing a game called “broomball.” What viewers didn’t see, was the inner terror that Michelle’s daughter felt. Why would anyone feel terrified of playing a game? Well, she explained, “I thought I would be killed in a car accident on the way because I didn’t know if God wanted me to stay home and read my Bible instead.”

Jinger Duggar – Extreme Fear In The ILBP

Can you imagine the fear that Jinger Duggar lived under? Imagine being terrified that you might die just for playing a game. Imagine being so terrified of breaking the rules that a vicious God might actually take your life just for not reading the bible. No wonder the former reality TV star broke free, at the cost of possible backlash from her family. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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