Is Derrick Dillard Trolling Jill Duggar’s Dad, Jim Bob? Fans Think So

Duggar FamilyDuggar Family news reveals that fans believe that Jill Duggar’s husband Derrick Dillard is “trolling” Jim Bob Duggar. Read on and we’ll spill the tea.

Duggar Family News – Is Derrick Dillard Mocking Jim Bob Duggar?

Duggar Family news reveals that, according to The Sun, Duggar critics seem to be convinced, from a new photo she posted that Jill’s husband is trolling her father.

The Counting On alum shared a photo of her husband wearing his bulky phone on his jeans the same way that Jim Bob does. In an Instagram Story, Jill shared a close-up of the smartphone fixed to her husband Derrick’s waistline.

Duggar Family News  – Dad’s Giant Phone Holster

The 19 Kids and counting veteran captioned the photo, “Look at that,” and then tagged her husband. Not long after, a user got ahold of the image and shared it in a Duggar Reddit forum with a thread titled: “D’wreck channeling/trolling Boob with the god honoring phone holster.”

Critics soon had plenty to say about the image, often taking aim at the TLC personality’s blue jeans. One critic wrote, “At first, I couldn’t tell if she was embarrassed by the clip-on phone case or the jeans with the highly decorative pockets. Because I’d be embarrassed by both.”

Another joked, “If my dad didn’t have his giant phone holster and bright white NB’s how would anyone even know he’s a dad?”

Another Redditor quipped, “Nothing screams conservative quite like the belt phone.” Another commenter came with advice before mocking Dillard. “Listen, I also got the holster with my case when I bought the heavy duty Otterbox, but that doesn’t mean you actually have to USE IT, Derick.”

Duggar Family News  – The Duggar Family Rift Remains

The post and subsequent troll attack come amid a family feud with Duggar parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. As some fans are aware, Jill, 31, and her husband, Derrick, 33, recently distanced themselves between the Duggar family patriarch and matriarch after they accused Jim Bob of withholding money earned from the family’s TLC show, Counting On.

The US Sun reported in November 2022 that a former Duggar Family friend, Mary Murphy, had urged Jill to come forward with her own story after the release of her sister Jinger’s tell-all “Breaking Free Indeed”.

Duggar Family News  – Should Jill Duggar Write A Tell-all?

Mary, who heads the podcast “Shadows with Mary Murphy” told the outlet “Jill has very bravely stood up and spoken out about Jim Bob. That is very brave when there is so much at risk.

“At some point, I hope Jill tells her story too. I’m really proud of her and all she’s doing to unravel the lies and brainwashing under which we grew up. She is really seeking out what is reality and truth to make her own decisions and find her own voice.”

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