Little People, Big World: Audrey Roloff Slammed For Trying To look Like A Teenager

Little People, Big World Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that fans are giving Audrey Roloff even more hate. This isn’t usual for the Instagram influencer. The critics love to slam her based on her parenting skills, clothing, posts of children, and home decor. You name it, they will critique her. In her latest post on Instagram, she is getting hate for the way that she did her makeup. There are trolls who think that she is trying to look like a teenager and failing miserably.

Little People, Big World Spoilers – The Makeup Fail

Fans noticed that in one of her new photos on Instagram, Audrey looked exhausted. She captioned these photos, “Operation clean up Christmas, unpack from being gone for 10 days, clean up messes from a power outage, and set up for 3-year old birthday party tomorrow.” Behind her, fans could see that her house was pretty messy and it appeared that she hadn’t even brushed her hair that day. It was up in a messy ponytail and it looked like she was just wearing sweats. She also shared photos of herself boiling wooden spoons in order to “get all that bacteria off.”

As Audrey worked on cleaning up her house, some of her followers and online trolls decided that they needed to slam her for how she looked. Of course, this seems to not bother Audrey at all and she continues to post about her life and her kids. The comments were pretty rough, but there were a few positive ones in there as well.

Little People, Big World Spoilers – Fans React To Her Beauty Blunder

As soon as she shared these pictures, her followers came out swinging. One wrote, “Why is she so orange? Is this a spray tan?” Another wrote, “She’s trying to look like a teen, but actually she looks like she’s in her fifties. This is not a cute look.” Another wrote, “Audrey will be that 50-year-old and STILL has the side ponytail. She will always think that she still looks young and hip!” One more added, “Does Audrey think that she looks cute, or does she just do this to clean the house? What’s the deal?” One more added, “She’s in her 30s, for crying out loud. Stop pouting, fix your hair. This side ponytail is the worst hairstyle ever invented. It’s not the 80s anymore!”

Fans will continue to follow Audrey no matter what she posts though. It seems that many of them keep an eye on her because they love seeing the adorable pictures of her kids.

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