GH Spoilers: Will Heather Confess To Being The Hook To Clear Esme’s Name?

General Hospital - Heather Webber (Alley Mills) General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal Heather Webber (Alley Mills) might be the key to getting Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) off the hook for being The Hook! Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) might be waiting on Heather to hand over some dirt on Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) that he can use against Esme, but she’s going to throw him a bone in a completely different direction.

Ryan is actually the person who gave Heather the idea to confess so that Esme would go free, but Heather isn’t about to implicate herself or do anything that would get her and Esme separated, as much as Ryan would love that. She has another plan in mind.

General Hospital Spoilers — Heather Webber Throws Dante Falconeri A Bone

Heather is well-connected at Spring Ridge and knows how to get what she wants. When she takes another field trip, she’ll use her time away to throw the PCPD and Detective Dante off the trail to Esme and onto another. Whoever is making it look like Esme is The Hook has another thing coming from this furious mama bear. Heather will step out of prison just long enough to hook another victim and slip back behind bars before anyone is any wiser. Since Esme is locked up, there will be no way the police can pin the crime on her and they’ll have to stop targeting her as a suspect in The Hook case.

GH Spoilers – Hint Esme Prince Remains In The Dark

Of course, Esme is still completely unaware that Ryan and Heather are her birth parents, and they’ll agree it’s best to keep it that way for now. She’s too timid and scared. If they revealed the truth to her, she might tell someone — especially Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco), whom she’s starting to trust. Esme will not see through Heather’s plan and will assume she isn’t The Hook when someone else is attacked. That’s just what Heather wants, so Esme can feel relieved it isn’t her.

General Hospital Spoilers — She Could Throw Ryan Chamberlain To The Wolves Instead

Heather might loop Ryan into her plan, but most likely only after she’s done it. She may not trust him enough to let him know ahead of time when she’s busting out of Spring Ridge, because she knows he could throw her under the bus and get her carted off to D’Archam Asylum again.

Instead, she may let him know what happened after the fact, or she could decide to frame him as The Hook. That would be a risky move, but it could solve the problem of letting Esme get anywhere near him — something Heather really doesn’t want. Keep checking back with us for more General Hospital news and spoilers just ahead.

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