1000-Lb Best Friends Spoilers: Should Tina Kick Meghan Out To Save Her Marriage?

1000-Lb Best Friend1000-Lb Best Friend spoilers reveal that Tina Arnold’s marriage is in trouble and part of that is her friend Meghan Crumpler. Tina’s husband, Johnny Arnold is tired of Meghan and her boyfriend, Jon Creager. Tina has allowed Meghan and Jon to live in their basement for some time. However, now Tina’s marriage is in trouble, and Meghan and Jon are part of the problem.

1000-Lb Best Friends Spoilers – Johnny Arnold Wants A Change

Johnny reveals that since Meghan moved into their home, he and Tina have had no privacy. Tina and Johnny, along with Jon and Meghan, have just moved back into Tina’s house after a busted pipe flooded it. Tina’s insurance company only paid for one room at the hotel for weeks. Johnny and Tina desperately need some alone time.

Tina believes she and Johnny are having normal marriage problems. However, Johnny sees Meghan as the issue. Johnny wants Jon and Meghan to get out on their own. Both Tina and Johnny feel that Meghan and Jon are children instead of grown adults. Johnny is tired of trying to “raise them.” Johnny wants his home back.

1000-Lb Best Friends Spoilers – Meghan Crumpler And John Creager Are Getting Married

Meghan and Jon decided to get married after becoming engaged two years ago. Meghan and Jon used to have their own home. However, Meghan and John are still in Tina’s basement. Johnny and Tina do not want them to start their married life there. Johnny is determined that Meghan And John need to go now.

Even in the hotel, Jon and Meghan were instigators of the children’s misbehavior. Meghan even interrupted Tina in the bathroom to urinate in the bathtub. Meghan and Jon have no regard for their hosts at all. Jon is working, and Johnny believes it is time for them to find a place of their own. Johnny says something has to change soon, or he is out.

1000-Lb Best Friends Spoilers – Will Tina Arnold Be Forced To Choose?

Tina and Meghan have been friends since she was 13 years old. Tina has been married to her husband, Johnny, for 20 years. Will Meghan be forced to choose between her friend and her family? Tina’s children are living with her parents because the home is such a mess. Meghan will not stop intruding on Johnny and Tina’s private time. Tina may have to use some tough love.

Why would Meghan and Jon plan a wedding before moving out of her friend’s home? Why could Meghan put Tina in the position of potentially losing her husband? Tina is going to be forced to choose. Will Johnny and Tina stay together? Will Meghan finally get a clue and move out? If Tina wants to save her marriage, she is going to have to make the hard choices, and Meghan needs to understand.

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