Donald Trump Returns To YouTube And Facebook

Donald Trump Returns To YouTube And FacebookDonald Trump returned to Facebook and YouTube on Friday, March 17, and got Twitter buzzing about it. His first post seemed rather tame compared to the fiery ones from the past. While Facebook allowed him back, no doubt the platform bosses and their keen-eye censorship folks will keep a very close eye on him.

Donald Trump – Not Yet On Twitter Posts To Facebook

Elon Musk ran a poll on Twitter last year, before green-lighting the return of the former president to the platform. However, he hasn’t used it yet. Checks on Friday revealed that his last post is still the one where he urged people to disburse quietly and respect the law on January 6, 2020. Some folks theorized that Elon Musk made a clever marketing decision, but it seemed that the 2024 presidential candidate preferred using his own platform, Truth Social.

Perhaps, in time, he will post something on Twitter but for now, he seems more interested in Facebook and YouTube. Donald Trump always rubbed a lot of people the wrong way because he was seldom reticent about pointing fingers at other famous faces. However, it’s possible that even his haters and detractors are happy to see him back, as trolling seemed to be the national sport at one stage. Naturally, people from, both sides of the political divide reacted to the new posts.

Donald Trump – Posts Old Video On Facebook

When he took to Facebook for the first time since his two-year-old ban, the former president just wrote two words: “I’M BACK!” Sharing an old video from his first win in 2016, the message was, “Sorry to keep you waiting, complicated business.” Then followers saw a campaign announcement about him making “America Great Again 2024.”  

Donald Trump Returns To YouTube And Facebook
DonaldTrump / Facebook

Donald Trump supporters seemed very happy and others from a different perspective said the usual nasty things about him. Actually, it works both ways as plenty of memes are circulated about President Joe Biden. Meanwhile, on Twitter, the news that he also posted the same video on Youtube came from Benny Johnson, The host of the Benny Report on Newsmax.

Donald Trump – Presidential Hopeful On YouTube

Donald Trump only shared his post on YouTube a few hours ago, but already, it picked up 30K views and 31K likes. Currently, he sits with 2.66 million subscribers. In the comments, people from across the world welcomed the former president back to the platform. Plenty of his supporters seemed happy about it. Here’s an example of the greetings he received:Welcome back, Mr. President! We need you more than ever.” – (Ena Hayes.)

Naturally, not everyone seems overjoyed, but some folks made lighthearted quips. Mark Dice posted up saying, “Awesome! Make YouTube Great Again!”

What are your thoughts about the former president returning to Facebook and YouTube? Let us know in the comments below.

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