The Commonwealth Headed By King Charles Slammed

The Commonwealth Headed By King Charles SlammedCommonwealth Day was celebrated recently, and King Charles and the Queen Consort attended their first Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey. Other members of the Royal family also attended. If you don’t know, 56 countries make up the membership of the organization., While it all sounds very noble, many people slam it on social media. Why is that?

The Commonwealth Headed By King Charles Has Critics

Originally the Commonwealth was made up of countries ruled by the British Empire. Gradually, countries gained their independence but opted to remain in the organization. Historically, those countries pledged allegiance to the Queen but that is no longer the case. Actually, any country can apply to join the Commonwealth. A lot of the focus is on business, peace, climate change, and health. Unfortunately, peace also means participation in many wars.

Then, there are the sporting events, which attracted a lot of royal family fans thanks to Princess Charlotte. She and her parents cheered on the gymnasts last year. Actually, the Commonwealth Games began in 1930 and they do seem to bring a spirit of competitive pride amongst the nations. Well, it was a proud moment for King Charles when he talked about the organization from the pulpit of Westminster Abbey but not everyone is happy.

King Charles Talks About the Commonwealth Doing Good

The monarch said, “Let ours be a Commonwealth that not only stands together but strives together, in restless and practical pursuit of the global common good.” That sounds okay, so why are people slamming the collectively focused nations? Actually, some critics live in those nations and not everyone is thrilled about it.

The Commonwealth Headed By King Charles Slammed
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On Twitter, it becomes evident that many Commonwealth critics hate that there always seem to be wars. And the inference is that wars are good for business. @GeoPolitiCorp commented, “Smokescreens & propaganda surround Windsor involvement with Commonwealth Nations. Canada military royal prerogative “run by Canada Gov”, yet, sources cite Crown with ‘unilateral control in crisis’. UK Crown is mired in lies, meddling & control of supposed free Nation States.”

Other Complaints

Queen Elizabeth headed the Commonwealth, and her son, King Charles stepped into her shoes. Actually, the royal family is not there to take hereditary titles, but it somehow worked out that way. Naturally, critics from African countries like South Africa see the monarch as someone who represents the theft of valuable resources from the continent. One of the most common rhetorical questions is “did they give back the diamonds?” 

What are your thoughts about countries that want their resources back from the head of the Commonwealth? Do you agree that the organization seems to have a remarkable penchant for war? Let us know in the comments below.

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