Did Gwendlyn Brown And Beatriz Queiroz Tie The Knot This Weekend?

Did Gwendlyn Brown And Beatriz Queiroz Tie The Knot This Weekend?Sister Wives fans heard that Gwendlyn Brown would tie the knot with her fiancee, Beatriz Queiroz on July 15. So far, there don’t seem to be people in the family saying anything about a big party and wedding ceremony. However, Meri Brown might have let slip a clue that someone got married.

Gwendlyn Brown Leaked Her Wedding Date

When fans first heard that Gwen had a girlfriend, they quickly found out that Beatriz seemed like a protective person. Actually, she spoke out against Kody being disrespectful when he talked to his daughter. Clearly, the self-confessed bisexual TLC star found someone to stand with her in life. Fans first heard about Beatriz, sometimes known as Noel, back in May last year.

Gwendlyn Brown became engaged and fans who follow her on Patreon found out first. Later, the news arrived that she planned to marry on Juy 15, 2023. The last time that fans saw the Sister Wives clan gather for a wedding came near the end of last year when Logan Brown finally tied the knot with Michelle Petty. Actually, that was the first inkling that TLC fans got that Meri and Janelle might have left Kody, given the seating arrangements.

Did Meri Confirm Gwendlyn Brown Got Married?

It’s not exactly clear whether Meri Brown posts things on the same day that she does things. In the last few days, she shared that she and Jenn Sullivan were in St. George, Utah. That came after her Friday with Friends session on Instagram ended early because of a poor connection. She told her fans they were on the way to “the Gorge,” and Jenn confirmed they were in St. George. The next day, she shared a photo of herself with Leon.

Did Gwendlyn Brown And Beatriz Queiroz Tie The Knot This Weekend
Meri Brown / Instagram

Gwendlyn Brown sent invites to her wedding and fans later heard that Leon and Audrey Kriss would probably attend. However, Christine’s daughter wasn’t sure that her dad and Robyn would opt to be there. Anyway, it’s not clear in her post about Leon on Saturday, if Meri had mentioned a wedding for Gwen, or a wedding for Leon and Audrey. However, Gwen might have mentioned something on her Patreon.

Dressed For A Wedding

When Meri shared the photo of her with her adult child, Leon, they looked very smart in a waistcoat. Actually, it looked very much like something that could be worn at a wedding. A fan asked, “Is Leon getting married? You both look great!.” In the replies, another follower said that they were at the wedding of Gwendlyn Brown.

When we hear more about the wedding, we’ll be sure to update our readers so remember to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast on our site. Come back here often for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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