Counting On: Was Justin Duggar Married Off To Punish Him?

Counting On: Was Justin Duggar Married Off To Punish Him?Counting On alum Justin was very young when he suddenly married Claire Spivey. Actually, TLC fans were shocked to see them rush to the altar. If it had been one of the girls in the clan, then fans would have suspected an accidental pregnancy. But Claire Spivey wasn’t pregnant and still hasn’t produced a child. So, fans wonder if they are in a loveless marriage forced on them by Jim Bob Duggar to punish his son.

Counting On: Rumors That Justin Duggar Got Cozy

Remember when Josh was still going through his CSAM trial? Well, it was Justin who gave the inappropriate double thumbs-up to the press after a torrid hearing. At the time, plenty of people slammed him. But others knew that as he was still young, he probably didn’t really think about it. However, there young or not, he is a married man, and that disturbed a lot of TLC followers.

Counting On fans waited in vain for Caire Spivey to announce a pregnancy. Back in June, Without A Crystal Ball spilled some tea about Claire and Justin. According to Katie Joy, sources suggested that Justin got cozy close with a woman. This is, of course, a major no-no in the Fundie world, where being a man of God is highly valued. Katie’s sources further suggested that he physically interacted with a girl on more than one occasion. Regardless, the rumor was that he got married to Claire in the hopes of fixing his moral failings. But, no Babies arrived yet.

Counting On – No Babies & A Loveless Marriage?

On July 7, Katie Joy returned to Instrgam with some more tea. Her sources came from the Fairpark Baptist Church. Apparently, they go to that church and before she married Justin, folks claimed that Claire was really into another guy. Suddenly, she was marrying Jim Bob’s son, and that raised eyebrows. Allegedly, they were not in love, and that’s why they have no kids. Katie suggested that they were “seemingly using birth control.”

Counting On Was Justin Duggar Married Off To Punish Him
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

More Counting On tea came from a source who “believes the relationship was arranged by their parents. Their lack of chemistry at the time of their marriage could also be another factor they are waiting to have kids.” Allegedly, “Claire has been allegedly heard speaking about her choice to wait to have kids because of their young age.”

Punished For Canoodling?

Not for the first time, Counting On fans discussed how there are enough rumors from sources to suggest that Justin Dugar was punished for his philandering ways. A follower said to Katie, “I have a theory lol… could he be *you know ??* and that’s why the marriage was set up so fast to curve those urges. It could be some type of “conversion therapy” that the parents agreed upon. That’s why it could be a lack of chemistry in person and in the bedroom…??‍♀️”

Another TLC fan opined, “He was/is so young. Regardless of how we feel about the Duggars this is so sad. His parents couldn’t handle the “typical teenage behavior” so they married him off ?…”

Mind you, others felt glad that no babies happened yet. At least with no kids in the mix in a loveless marriage, a decision not to fall pregnant might be the most mature decision they could have reached.

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