Counting On: Why Doesn’t Justin Duggar Have Kids With Claire Spivey?

Justin DuggarCounting On fans were surprised when Justin Duggar married Claire Spivey although they knew he had been courting her. Recall, he looked so young. Actually, he was very young, barely 18, and Claire was older than him. Anyway, they tied the knot and he relocated to Texas. Unlike the rest of the clan, two years after their wedding, there have been no signs that the couple conceived a child. So, that really seems like a bit of a puzzle. 

Counting On Spoilers – Fans Liked That Justin Duggar Works

Fortunately for many of the members of Jim Bob’s family, he was able to kickstart his sons with businesses. In fact, they mostly went into construction or real estate. Despite being homeschooled, Justion at least got a job. In 2022, TLC fans heard that he went into real estate, and they know that at one stage, he did mechanical work. Despite being young, it seemed that he would definitely support his wife. 

Despite that plus point, Counting On fans were still surprised during the trial of Josh Duggar. Recall, after a very serious hearing, Justine emerged and gave the press a double thumbs-up. Shocked, because it seemed inappropriate and immature, many people slammed him. Well, is he mature enough to become a dad? Not that it bothers the likes of people in the Institute of Basic Life Principles, (IBLP). More than likely, they would want to see him have as many kids as possible no matter what. 

Counting On Spoilers – The Marriage Of Claire & Justin Duggar

This week, influencer Katie Joy from Without A Crystal Ball dropped some tea about Claire and Justin. Much of it was old news, but she clarified a few things. Allegedly, he was caught getting cozy with a girl before he married. Of course, that’s the worst thing in Fundie life. According to Katie, he got physical with a female several times. Anyway, the word of inside sources suggests that to tame the bad urges, they should marry him off. Hence, Claire appeared in his life.

Counting On Why Doesn't Justin Duggar Have Kids With Claire Spivey
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Counting On fans now know from Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, that sometimes, the daughters don’t really have a say in who they can marry. So, if CLaire was unhappy, there wasn’t a lot she could do about it. According to Katie’s sources, Justin allegedly lives under the close eye of his father-in-law in Texas. 

Counting On Spoilers – Fans Want To Know Why There Are No Kids

Counting On fans who read the post started to wonder why no children had arrived. One follower wrote, “Justin and Claire don’t have children yet do they? Bit unusual in their world.” And, the conversation turned toward the unlikely possibility that Claire uses contraception. The commenter also said, “[I]  wouldn’t have thought Claire would be using birth control given the IBLP upbringing. Obviously, there could be natural factors but makes you wonder.”  

Actually, the Spivey family definitely supports the IBLP  lifestyle. So, it is possible that they practice archaic methods like “pulling out.”  

As to why they still don’t have a child, there really are very few spoilers. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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