MBFFL: Will Whitney Way Thore Reveal A Secret Brother In A New Season?

Whitney Way ThoreMy Big Fat Fabulous Life, (MBFFL) spoilers arrive about Season 11 of the TLC show. Will fans see a mysterious and secret brother of Whitney Way Thore appear in it? Well, it’s long been discussed on social media that one does exist. However, the proof is hard to come by. Nonetheless, there might be a possibility that fans will meet him if he is real.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Fans Are Aware Of A Brother Of Whitney Way Thore

There is a brother and his name is Hunter. Actually, he seems very supportive of his sister, although fans don’t often see him on the TLC show. It’s not exactly clear how old he is, but he is an older brother to Whitney. Cast your mind back, you might recall that in Season 7 of the show he and Whitney tried to persuade their parents to move to a lower floor of the house in case they fell down the stairs. Naturally, she feared one of them might die. Mind you, on that occasion, he wanted to side with his dad, Glenn about remaining upstairs.

MBFFL fans fear a return of the French Tutor in the next season. Naturally, fans wonder if she still pursues her open relationship with her long-distance lover. Actually, TLC didn’t confirm it is happening yet. But, Whitney dropped hints that they are filming for Season 11. A lot of theories suggest that the new season will focus on how the family copes with the death of Glenn’s wife, Babs. However, an older theory arrived and was rediscussed recently. For about six or seven months, a theory floated around that Whitney discovered that she has a secret half-brother. Might he feature in the new season? Does he even exist?

MBFFL – The Rumored Secret Brother

On July 7, u/Unlikely_Duty_8050 took to the r/ MyBigFatFabulousLife subreddit and asked, “The Thore Brother That No One Talks About?” They added, “Would anyone be able to elaborate on the third Thore sibling? I’ve been trying to find more information for days but can’t seem to find anything!” Well, folks recalled that Babs was previously married. But, the secret brother might have been offspring from Glenn, if he’s real. Allegedly, Glenn had a relationship while in Vietnam and a boy was the result. It would possibly have been prior to marrying Babs if it happened.

MBFFL Will Whitney Way Thore Reveal A Secret Brother In A New Season
Hunter Thore / InstagramWhitney Way Thore / Instagram

MBFFL fans in the discussion referred to a previous post in the community. That one went into a lot more detail and allegedly, there is a brother and Whitney Way Thore is spitting because, once again, allegedly, he approached her dad about being on the show. The information came from u/FaeryCourt, who claimed that family insiders had leaked the information about the brother. More allegations claim that Whitney will only allow it if her dad keeps her in his will and cuts out the secret son.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Long Post – Lots Of Allegations

The MBFFL post is very long and detailed, but unfortunately, without names, dates, and more verification, it’s likely to remain a rumor. Mind you, it would certainly breathe some new life into an old story if he did appear in the TLC show. Do you agree? Shout out in the comments below.

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