Jill Duggar Shares Dad Jim Bob’s Reaction When She Got Her Nose Ring

“19 Kids & Counting” alum Jill Duggar finally released her tell-all book “Counting On” on September 12 as promised.

The book which promises to bring to light every unknown detail about Jill’s well-known strict Christian family since they were brought up in the public eye, surely delivered.

It is not a secret that the 19 Duggar children were all brought up under the strict watch of their parents Jim Bob Duggar and Michele Duggar. The female counterparts were more on the receiving end of the strict rules especially when it came to their apparel from head to toe.

Following the shame and disgrace the eldest son Josh Duggar brought to their family, Jill has been very bold in trying out some of the things that the women were strongly banned from doing.

Jill Duggar Shares Dad Jim Bob's Reaction When She Got Her Nose Ring

For example, putting on jean pants, and getting piercings. And for a family that’s big on their reputation, they weren’t very accepting.

In her new book, Jill detailed how her parents especially her dad reacted to her getting her nose pierced and putting on pants as a woman.

Jill Duggar — Jim Was Notified Ahead Of Jill’s Piercing

According to the mom of three, she made her dad aware of the step she wanted to take to get her nose pierced.

Her reason for choosing to give him a heads-up has to do with Jim Bob’s reaction when he discovered that Jill had added pants to her cloth collections.

It happened that when Jim discovered that Jill had broken the no pants rule he was unhappy about it and told her, “You know, Jinger called and talked with us about her decision before she started wearing pants.” So, for that reason, Jill took the initiative and did what she thought was the right thing to do.

After making her father aware of her decision through a voicemail message, she revealed that Jim “Pleaded with me not to do it.

He told me I was making a huge mistake. He begged me to think about how it was going to affect my little sisters. He said I was ruining my life,” wrote Jill.

Jill Duggar — Jim Bob Threw A Bit Of A Tantrum

Jill went on to get her nose pierced and adorned it with a ring. Following her disobedience, Jill revealed, “He’d text verses reminding me to ‘honor thy father and mother,’ and every conversation we had just heaped more guilt on me.”

Feeling unhappy with the texts, she sent her own text saying, “Honestly, I don’t really feel like talking when I feel like there might be a chance I’m just going to be verbally abused, manipulated, and emotionally hurt. It makes me want to shy away from any type of conversation.”

She went on to explain to her readers, “He hated that hunk of metal in my nose. He despised how I was dressing in ways that put sexual thoughts in guys’ minds. Instead of his Sweet Jilly Muffin, I was now a threat to the rest of his children, and a threat to his authority.”

Jim replied to Jill’s text with, “You sent me a text message, Jill. You said I was verbally abusing you. I was so offended by that, too. You know in your heart that’s not right.”

Jill who didn’t let her dad have the last laugh, said, “You want to know why I’m crying? It’s that you think I’m some kind of horrible person just because I wear pants and have a nose ring,” Jill told her father. “You treat me like I’m a prodigal who’s turned her back on you. You treat me worse than you treat my pedophile brother [Josh Duggar].”

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