The Duggars Upset By their Adult Daughters’ Wardrobes

The DuggarsThe Duggars spoilers reveal that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are pretty upset about how their daughters have decided to change their wardrobe. Their grown daughters have moved from skirts and dresses all day to wear shorts and very short skirts and skin-showing tops.

The Duggars – The New Court Reports

When many of the sisters went to the court about protecting their privacy during the molestation case, and in the court documents, Jinger Vuolo mentioned that her mother was not happy with her fashion these days. In fact, her husband, Jeremy Vuolo also mentioned that Jinger and her parents didn’t see eye to eye on her dress code these days and they wished that she would dress more modestly.

Jeremy mentioned that Michelle and Jim Bob talked to Jinger about how she dresses and it is clear that she hasn’t changed that for them. Jeremy likes the way that his wife dresses and feels that now that she is an adult, she can choose whatever she wants to wear.

The Duggars – A Relaxed Style

Now that the Duggar sisters are out of their parents’ home, they have taken their style to fit their likes and not their mothers. Michelle has always had a very modest style of dress and wanted her children to as well. For the Christian Fundamentalists in their family, some view the sisters’ style as brazen, but the Duggar sisters are just dressing how they want.

The Duggars have always dressed in a very conservative way because they don’t want the women in the family to make themselves look appealing to others and they don’t want them to “draw attention to the wrong places” by wearing these revealing clothes.

The dress code of the Duggars is really up to them. They have all gotten married and have children, so it is clear that they have gotten some attention from their husbands and that is really all that matters.

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