Sister Wives Spoilers: TLC Uses Click Bait To Fool Fans

Sister Wives SpoilersSister Wives spoilers reveal that some fans have gotten irritated with TLC for using clickbait to fool fans of the show. This all happened when they played a “dramatic” trailer for the new episode.It appeared that fans thought what they would see was drama with Janelle Brown, but they were sadly mistaken when the trailer led them astray.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Brown’s Life Changes

Just before the episode aired, TLC dropped a big teaser and it made fans very excited about what was next on the show. The trailer said, “It feels like there’s storms brewing in the family.” Then the shot goes straight to Janelle and some very ominous music is played. Of course, this made fans really excited to see what was next for Janelle.

This tweet really got fans going and they wanted to see more than what TLC gave them this past week. It was pretty irritating to see this big blow-up, all for nothing.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fans React

Of course, Twitter was filled with comments from fans about the latest teaser. Many of them felt that it was all just clickbait to reel viewers in to watch. One tweet read, “I know nothing about this show but I do know that this promo is waaaay too dramatic. The background music is as if someone just found the saturation slider. The music. The slow-mo. Janelle’s outfit is not fitting the vibe of the insanity you’ve created behind her. Is this camp?” Another wrote, “This is clickbait, plain and simple.”

The comments just kept going and many of the diehard fans told the network that they love Janelle and that the way she is pictured in this clip is not her at all. It was clear that fans knew that the show wouldn’t be that dramatic and they actually didn’t see as much of Janelle as the trailer teased.

This isn’t the first time that TLC has done this with the trailers and fans just want them to “calm down” when it comes to it.

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