Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Leaving Kody Brown Too?

Sister Wives Sister Wives Spoilers suggest that another of Kody Brown’s marriages is about to bite the dust. Is Janelle Brown ready to leave Kody after Christine Brown’s departure? A source has told US weekly that Janelle’s departure is highly possible.

Sister Wives – Kody Brown’s Position With His Wives

This Sister Wives inside source says that Janelle meant it when she said she would leave Kody. Janelle opened up on the January 16th episode of Sister Wives. Janelle admits that she had to think about whether she still chose polygamy or not. After all, Janelle’s kids are almost grown and she doesn’t need the family so much anymore.

Janelle says that her and Kody’s relationship is very strained right now and it would be easy to walk away. According to this inside source, Janelle sees how happy Christine is without Kody and wants that as well. Will Janelle finally make the break after all of Kody’s criticism during the past two seasons? Has Janelle reached her breaking point with Kody?

Sister Wives – Christine Brown’s Departure

Sister Wives Christine announced that she and Kody had split up last November. However, fans now know that Christine and Kody were having problems in 2020. As a matter of fact, the 2020 season is what is airing now and Kody is about to tell Christine that he doesn’t want an intimate relationship with her anymore. Kody is then shown to be stunned when he finds his stuff packed up and left in Christine’s garage. Both Kody and Christine announced their version of their separation. However, both agree that they will continue to work together as committed parents.

Sister Wives – Perhaps Kody Should Reassess The Situation

Another inside Sister Wives source told Us that Kody is concerned that the other wives will follow Christine. After all, Kody has told Meri Brown for some time that he wants to be friends with her but doesn’t want a romantic relationship. Meri has been hanging on for some sign from Kody that he might be willing to change. However, Kody’s reaction takes us back to the first season of Sister Wives when Kody told Meri that he thought her in another relationship is vulgar. Perhaps that is why the catfishing scheme still bothers him.

The source says that Christine’s departure has caused all of the wives to reevaluate their positions in the family. Christine and Janelle are very close and talk often. The source claims that Kody is trembling and worried that either Meri or Janelle will walk away. With Season 17 now taping, only time will tell if Kody has three wives next season or not.

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