Rust Alec Baldwin Shooting: Investigation Winding Down, Here Are Some Takeaways

Rust Alec Baldwin Shooting: Investigation Winding Down, Here Are Some TakeawaysThe Rust Shooting investigation is beginning to wrap up after the fatal shooting accident of Halyna Hutchins in October 2021, per USA Today. Read on and we’ll discuss some takeaways.

Rust Shooting: FBI’s Slow Roll

10 months ago, Halyna Hutchins tragically lost her life when the prop gun Alec Baldwin was using fired a live round into her chest on the set of his movie Rust. It is curious, however, that it is taking this long for authorities to reach a determination about what happened and who, if any, is criminally culpable.

Throughout the months, authorities have not been very forthcoming with details. However, the FBI recently released two investigative reports. One report, according to Daily Beast, is the analysis of the prop gun used in the incident and the other is the Medical Examiners report that deemed the tragic death an accident.

What Happened on the Day Halyna Hutchins Died?

According to a report from a November 2021 report from Newsweek, on the day of the incident Alec Baldwin can be heard saying to Hutchins as well as other crew members, “So, I guess I’m gonna take this out, pull it, and go, ‘Bang!’” He fired the prop gun as planned but the round that was used was live, and soon Halyna Hutchins would utter her last words.

Immediately after the shooting, with the shot still echoing in the air, Alec Baldwin was reportedly heard screaming “What the f— just happened?” repeatedly. After the shot passed through the cinematographer, it then entered the shoulder of director Joel Souza who bellowed, “What the f— was that? That burns!”

Hutchins’s final words on that fateful day as she looked up at the sound operator who held her in his arms, were simply, “That was no good. That was no good at all.”

Who Was Targeted in FBI Investigation?

According to NPR, there are a number of lawsuits that are still pending surrounding the Rust shooting. As for the FBI investigation, we know Alec Baldwin was chief on the list as he was the one who held the weapon.

The recently released FBI ballistics analysis concluded that the weapon “could not be made to fire without a pull of the trigger while the working internal components were intact and functional” and the firearm was fully cocked.

Baldwin’s attorney, Luke Nikas, said that Baldwin “was told by the person in charge of safety on the set that the gun was ‘cold’ and believed the gun was safe,” adding that the beleaguered actor was unaware of the unsafe conditions on the set that day.

Aside from Alec Baldwin, assistant director Dave Halls, set armorer Hanna Gutierrez Reed, as well as ammo-supplier Seth Kenney have each been mentioned as possible role players in the tragic events. Each of them has reportedly hired lawyers.

Be sure and stay apprised of this developing story. Return here often for more Rust shooting news and updates.

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