New Trailer Drops For Supernatural Prequel Series The Winchesters

Drake Rodger and Meg Donnelly as John and Mary on The Winchesters
Drake Rodger and Meg Donnelly as John and Mary Winchester [Image The CW/YouTube]

Thanks to The CW, fans get another look at the Supernatural prequel series, The Winchesters in a trailer titled Love Story.

It was recently reported that The CW is launching a Supernatural prequel titled The Winchesters. The series gives fans a look at Dean and Sam’s parents and how they fell in love while battling monsters together. Any fans that have missed stories relating to the supernatural will get a real treat in October 2022. Also, on August 26, The CW released a new trailer, giving us a more in-depth look.

The CW releases trailer for The Winchesters

Meg Donnelly as Mary on The Winchesters
Meg Donnelly as Mary Winchester [Image The CW/YouTube]

Previously, a teaser gave fans a brief look into the new, upcoming series, The Winchesters. However, now, The CW has now released another trailer, giving a more in-depth view of the upcoming prequel to Supernatural. Basically, they give a taste of what is to come when the new series launches in October.

In fact, the new trailer, titled Love Story, gives us a better look at how John and Mary Winchester came to meet. It then reveals how Mary was a monster hunter first before drawing John into the action. Naturally, the teaser also offers some lively monster action.

Prequel focuses on John and Mary Winchester’s relationship

Drake Rodger as John Winchester
Drake Rodger as John Winchester [Image The CW/YouTube]

It isn’t too surprising that The Winchester sets its focus on John and Mary’s relationship. In fact, the show explores Dean and Sam’s parents, who only had cameos briefly in the original series. In that series, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead) and Samantha Smith played the Winchester parents.

However, there was obviously a story to be had of the Winchester family’s beginnings. Meanwhile, those two leading roles are played by Drake Rodger and Meg Donnelly.

While some fans weren’t impressed with the first teaser, most Supernatural fans are looking forward to more content related to Supernatural. What makes it special is that the prequel is told from the perspective of Dean Winchester. This means Jensen Ackles is back, if only in a limited way.

Meanwhile, when the series was officially announced in May, many longtime fans were concerned over the prequel. Some worried that the new series could cause issues for the continuity of the main series, Supernatural.

When or not fans are excited about the upcoming prequel, their wait is almost over. The Winchesters premieres on The CW on October 11, 2022. From there on, new episodes will be released weekly. Should anyone miss an episode, they can play catch-up on The CW app the following day.

Watch the new teaser trailer for The Winchesters here. However, to be honest, we are hoping the whole series doesn’t have sepia tones!:

Readers, having watched the latest trailer, please tell us your thoughts on The Winchesters. Are you for or against the Supernatural prequel? Let us know by sounding off in the comments below.

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