My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney Thrilled Her Boyfriend Won’t Be On TV, Here’s Why

My Big Fat Fabulous LifeMy Big Fat Fabulous Life Spoilers indicate that Whitney Way Thore is thrilled that her boyfriend won’t be on the show. Why wouldn’t Whitney want to share him with the world?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Whitney Thore Blame Fame

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney blames being on tv for a great deal of her issues with her ex-fiance, Chase Severino. Not only did being on national television put more pressure on their relationship, but it also allowed Chase to be a target as well. Chase and Whitney’s romance unfolded onscreen.

However, their breakup did the same. COVID restrictions caused Whitney and Chase to have to quarantine apart. When Whitney and Chase broke up he was attacked on social media and that did not go over well. Whitney even asked fans to back off because of their comments to Chase that were very unkind and even threatening. Whitney doesn’t want another boyfriend to go through this because none of her other relationships have worked out on tv.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Everyone Was Leary

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney‘s fans, as well as her family, were worried that this French tutor was another catfish. However, once Whitney traveled to France to meet him, everyone knew he was real. Whitney has allowed fans to get to know him through her Facetime chats. However, the Frenchman’s face is still covered in these photos to protect his identity. Whitney and the Frenchman have been dating for a year now, fans are still waiting to see what happens with them.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Respect Whitney Thore’s Choice

After seeing what happened with Chase after his and Whitneys break up, loyal fans respect Whitney’s choice for the Frenchman to remain anonymous. Whitney admits that if her life were private, she would not care to share his identity at all. However, now that everything in Whitney’s life is open to scrutiny, her boyfriend is much better off not being known.

Whitney vowed never to put anyone she loves through what Chase when through. Now that Whitney and her boyfriend can live a partially normal life, she doesn’t have as much stress on her. Whitney and her new boyfriend can focus on their relationship and not on avoiding well-meaning fans.

Hopefully, Whitney and her boyfriend can keep his identity a secret as they continue to grow closer. Whitney seems to be happy and that is all that matters presently.

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