Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Cringy Scene – Teaching Their Kids How To Kiss

The DuggarsThe Duggars spoilers reveal that fans of the show have started to watch clips back and realize just how cringy some scenes were. One of the scenes in question is when Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar decide to teach their children how to kiss. A video has resurfaced and in it, Jessa Duggar is learning how to kiss her husband, Ben Seewald.

The Duggars – The Awkwardness

This scene is incredibly awkward and now, cringy too. In the video, Jim Bob says, “Let me show y’all the best way to kiss here. If you kiss straight on your noses hit each other. So you have to turn one way and she turns the other.” This definitely made fans cringe and it was posted on the Instagram site of Without a Crystal Ball.

Fans of the site were quick to talk about how weird this was. They said that it was pretty disturbing to watch Jim Bob coaching one of his daughters on how to kiss. These fans were also unsure why parents would kiss like that in front of their children like that.

The Duggars – Too Invested in Intimate Moments

The Duggars have always had a very awkward relationship with their children and are incredibly too invested in their intimate moments. They pushed their children into having sex on their wedding nights and making children as soon as they were married. This seems so creepy and weird for many fans to stomach.

Just this past weekend, Jessa posted that she was having a secret mental breakdown and her fans feel like their religion could be a big part of this. The women are told that they have a specific place in a relationship and marriage and this can really wear a person down, especially when they want to be more than the housewife and babymaker. Many of her fans feel that she is depressed and she is using finding God to cover it all up.

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