Is 1000 Lb. Best Friends Setting Fans Up For Failure?

1000 Lb Best Friends 1000 Lb. Best Friends Meghan Crumpler and Vannessa Cross have both gotten weight loss surgery. However, both Meghan and Vannessa’s actions have done nothing to show fans the reality of weight loss surgery. Is the show setting fans up for failure by not giving accurate information?

1000 Lb. Best Friends – Vannessa Cross Has Not Educated Herself

1000 Lb. Best Friends Vannessa had weight loss surgery on the season finally Monday night. However, Vannessa admitted to going into the surgery no reading the information the doctor provided. Vannessa come out of the hospital with the idea that she could immediately get something to eat when she got home.

Vannessa admitted that she didn’t bother to read the information Dr. Procter provided. However, It doesn’t seem that Meghan read the manual very well either. When Vannessa inquired about when she could eat, Meghan informed her to wait at least a week. However, most bariatric surgeons have used the one-month rule for years. When did the diet change from one month to one week?

1000 Lb. Best Friends – Meghan Crumpler Is Not A Huge Success Story

1000 Lb. Best Friends Meghan hasn’t lost anywhere close to the amount of weight that she should have lost. Meghan has basically ignored everything that Dr. Procter has told her to get back on track with her weight loss. Meghan even resorted to eating potato salad after she realized she hadn’t lost any weight since her last appointment with Dr. Procter. Meghan even meet with the nutritionist again and still chose potato salad over a more healthy alternative. Is Meghan’s tendency to self-sabotage setting fans up to fail as well?

1000 Lb. Best Friends – The Easy Way Out?

1000 Lb. Best Friends fans have to wonder if the four ladies are now taking “the easy way out.” Ashely Sutton has already had weight loss surgery once and didn’t realize she had to follow any specific diet afterward. Ashely recently attended the class reunion with Meghan and the other ladies and admitted to waiting to take a whole cake home and ditch her friends. Has Ashely still not realized that she has to change her eating habits to lose weight? Should the ladies not know by now that you have to put in the work to get results?

All season it seems that Tina Arnold has been pushed toward a weight loss surgery she said she didn’t want. Now Tina has agreed to surgery as well to lose the weight she needs to lose. Could these ladies have lost weight on their own? If they aren’t going to follow the doctor’s recommendations, why even have surgery at all? Perhaps the show is trying to show fans what not to do but they seem to be going about it all wrong. Will any of these ladies be successful in the end?

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