DOOL Spoilers: Julie Sees Bloody And Bruised Beth, Races To Save Paulina?

Days Of Our Lives: Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that fans didn’t know if Beth Howard (Donielle Artese) was dead or alive. However, Beth goes to the hospital to be treated for her horrific injuries. Beth will likely not tell Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams) the truth about TR Coates (William Coates) beating her. However, Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes) might run into Beth at the hospital.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Is Beth Howard Dead Or Alive?

DOOL spoilers reveal that Beth tried once again to tell the truth about TR. This time, she went to Eli Grant’s (Lamon Archey) hospital room when Julie interrupted. Then, TR showed up, which scared Beth off. Julie was immediately suspicious about how Beth ran out when TR walked into the room. However, Lani Price-Grant (Sal Stowers) was more confused about why Beth never told her what was so important.

Afterward, TR showed up at Beth’s hotel room. The door closed and fans heard Beth scream. It wasn’t known if Beth was alive or dead. However, it is confirmed that Beth survived TR’s beating.

DOOL Spoilers – Tripp Johnson’s Concern

During the week of May 2, Tripp will see a patient at the hospital. Photos show it is Beth, who has a black eye. Beth has other injuries, including her arm or wrist, which Tripp looks at. Tripp will know that Beth has been viciously beaten and will probably get her to say who did it. However, Beth doesn’t want to die and might make up a story.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Julie Williams’ Confirmation

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Julie has never trusted TR. Julie has been at the hospital to see if there is an update on Eli’s condition. So, it’s quite possible that Julie and Beth will run into each other. Julie will be horrified to see Beth battered and blue. Julie might demand to know if TR did that to Beth. Even if Beth lies to Julie, the patriarch will know what’s really going on.

DOOL Spoilers – Saving Paulina Price

It is teased that Eli wakes up from his coma. When TR learns the news, he rushes to propose to Paulina Price (Jackee Harry). Even though Paulina doesn’t completely trust TR, she just might say yes.

Paulina took a chance by kissing Abe Carver (James Reynolds). However, Abe told Paulina that he can’t trust her. Reeling from a broken heart, Paulina just might give into TR’s charm. However, Julie goes to talk to Abe about TR and Paulina. Julie pushes Abe to admit that he still loves his former flame. Could Julie pressuring Abe to go to Paulina before it’s too late end up saving her from TR’s plan?

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