Did Amber Heard Plot Her Insurance To Cover Legal Costs?

Did Amber Heard Plot Her Insurance To Cover Legal Costs?Amber Heard seemed to miscalculate when she and Johnny Depp battled it out in court over the defamation case. Almost as if she expected to win, she came up with all sorts of theatrics to keep folks entertained. She lost, but she did have various insurances that could have covered her legal costs. However, she now faces a legal battle with New York Marine and General Insurance Co.Did she plot her storyline so her various insurers would pay for her defense? Some folks seem to think so.

Amber Heard And Johnny Depp Seemed Like A Win For Her

Before the court settled in Johnny’s favor, a lot of people assumed that she’d win the case. After all, she trotted out some astonishing claims. The very public lawsuit grabbed the attention of millions of people from around the world. While plenty of them backed Johnny, many others sided with Amber. Actually, it seems that many of those supporters were the infamous bots that Elon Musk hated on the Twitter platform.

However, it also seemed like Amber Heard overplayed her role as a deeply abused woman in court. For plenty of viewers, it all seemed overacted and scripted. Hardly anyone took her seriously. Recall that it all started when “she wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post in which she spoke about the treatment of women in domestic abuse cases,” the Insider reported. Well, it seems interesting now that she faces a legal battle with one of her insurers.

Amber Heard Has An Insurer Who Won’t Pay For Her Defense

While some insurers cough up the money for the $6 million, New York Marine and General Insurance Co.resists coming up with the final million required. Meanwhile, when the news arrived, ThatUmbrellaGuy on You YouTube took a close look at her various policies. Is it just coincidental that he observed that it appears that she knew she would be sued, and built her defense against each little bit of insurance cover she took out?

Did Amber Heard Plot Her Insurance To Cover Legal Costs
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The YouTuber noticed that Amber Heard took out a policy “on July 18, 2018.” He also noted that it went through to July 18, 2019. So, he questions the fact that “right there in the middle, in December 2018, you have the Op-ed.” So, the inference is that “she took this policy out knowing she was going to get sued.” Well, the “brand new filings” by New York Marine and General Insurance Co. seem to indicate that they also noticed the interesting date range.

Plotting Her Insurance Cover Premeditated?

Not everyone totally agrees that the insurance company shouldn’t question her policy. In the comments, follower Tracey Lee argued, “‘Unsolvable” murders and missing person cases have been solved by insurance companies just to get out of paying a policy. I’d think they would be as tenacious with [Amber Heard].”

Meanwhile, another follower, Anna K wrote, “You can insure your house against fire, but if you purposely set your own house on fire: your insurance is not gonna pay you a dime,” adding “I guess Amber does not understand how insurance works ??‍♀️.”

What are your thoughts about the timeline of policies and the Op-Ed? Do you think it looks suspiciously like Amber knew she would end up being sued and built her defense around it? Sound off in the comments below.

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