90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Why Fans Believe Ella Johnson Would Be A Bad Stepmother?

90 Day Fiance: Ella Johnson 90 Day Fiance’ Before The 90 Days Spoilers suggest that fans do not believe that Ella Johnson would be a good stepmother to Johnny’s young son, Stony. Why do fans feel this way about Ella?

90 Day Fiance’ Before The 90 Days Spoilers – Ella Johnson’s Attraction To All Things Asian

90 Day Fiance’ Before The 90 Days Ella met her boyfriend Johnny on a dating website for Asian men who want to connect with white women. Ella is a self-proclaimed obsessed woman with all things related to the Asian culture. Ella’s proclamation is just a part of why they don’t believe she would be a good stepmother even though they are not happy with her lumping everything Asian into one category. Ella’s attraction to anime has fans worried about whether she knows any more about the culture than just that. Ella even has swords and dresses in robes to go practice fighting a half body in her yard. Ella’s attraction to swords and anime seems to cloud her entire perspective of the Asian culture. Does Ella have some unreasonable expectations of what life with Johnny will be like?

90 Day Fiance’ Before The 90 Days Spoilers – Johnny’s Feelings For Ella Johnson

90 Day Fiance’ Before The 90 Days Johnny seems to have feelings for Ella. However, Johnny also seems to want to change Ella as well. Johnny is well aware of Ella’s size and wants to help her lose weight. Ella has admitted to having sexy video chats with Johnny so there isn’t anything he hasn’t seen. Ella feels that Johnny can help her lose weight because he can teach her to cook healthier food which she sees Asian food to be. Johnny is also interested in the ranch that Ella lives on and the life of a cowboy. However, will Johnny’s child be able to adjust to these changes?

90 Day Fiance’ Before The 90 Days Spoilers – Ella Johnson’s Views Come Into Question

90 Day Fiance’ Before The 90 Days fans find Ella’s views to be questionable. Ella doesn’t seem to be the most sensitive person about cultural differences. Ella also seems to be very immature according to Reddit fans. Fans wonder if Ella has the self-control to be around a child Stony’s age. Fans see Ella as too volatile and emotional to be around a young child. It is very unlikely that Johnny and Ella will meet during this season. However, it is possible that they may get an opportunity in the future to try again.

Ella and Johnny’s relationship seems to be real but fans accuse her of being a teenager in a 30-year-old body. Will Ella and Johnny ever make it as a couple?

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