90 Day Fiance: Rachel Walters Photos With Jon Paint A Picture

90 Day Fiance: Rachel Walters 90 Day Fiance fans know that Rachel and John Walters live in different countries. For years now, they struggled to get Jon into the USA, and fans think it’s a tragic state of affairs. At the moment, she visits with her husband in the UK, and her photos seem to reveal her inner joy.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers – Tragic Separation Of Rachel Walters

Somehow, it seems very tragic that Jon and Rachel Walters can’t live together. Whenever they post on social media, TLC fans send in their prayers for the couple. Those who don’t, try and say positive things as they hope for the couple to permanently unite. It’s a fact, and not a political argument, that many undocumented people enter the country, and many of them might have worse criminal convictions than Jon.

90 Day Fiance fans who follow the couple know that they save all their money as they appealed decisions on his visa. In fact, to this day, they still try and find a way for him to live with Rachel. Evidently, the fact that he assaulted someone in college years ago, will not be tolerated in the USA. Sadly, Rachel cannot live in the UK due to custody issues with one of her daughters. So, she commutes. Of course, Covid put that on the backburner as well.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers – Photos Of Rachel Walters Reveal Her Love

Right now, Rachel finally spends some time with her man. If you follow her on Instagram, it looks like her photos reveal the depth of her love. Clearly, Jon and Rachel joined the TLC show for all the right reasons. Actually, nobody has to be a body-language expert to see the difference when she gets together with her husband.

90 Day Fiance Rachel Walters
Rachel Walters / Instagram

In August last year, 90 Day Fiance fans saw that Rachel and Jon did a Live on Instagram. At the time, they heard the devastating news that the folks at the embassy wouldn’t “even look” at his application. So, they have to file with another department to prove his sorrow over the incident that happened in college. For now, they look no closer to living together permanently.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers – Highs And Lows

When Rachel visits John, 90 Day Fiance fans see her happiness and joy literally shine out of her face. But for fans, they can only imagine the pain that comes every time she had to fly home again. She doesn’t need to tell her fans that as the day of departure nears, her heart starts to bleed. If only someone in high places could see the photos of Rachel with and without her husband. They seem to paint a story far better than the dry details on multiple forms.

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