Royal Family News: Prince Harry Evolution – From Bratty Man-Child To Armchair Therapist

British royal family news reveals that Prince Harry is making a name for himself with his insistent insertion into the public eye. In spite of his pleading to be left alone in private, he has shown that he neither craves privacy nor plans to go away anytime soon.

Two weeks in a row he has appeared opposite the queen of all media, Oprah Winfrey, possibly positioning himself as the king of something, anything other than of his cast-off UK homeland.

What are we to make of this double-faced talking that comes out of the Hollywood prince who abandoned his family for a life of “financial freedom?”

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Is As Private As A Can Of Sardines

He’s been in America long enough to drop the accent (according to experts) and has buddied up to power players like David Foster and Oprah. Only one of them has been singing his praises recently, however.

Oprah and Harry dropped an Apple TV+ documentary last week that was stunning in its brazen portrayal of his family, yet again, as parental savages who have no idea who to raise healthy children.

The irony of Harry proudly touting himself as the prime example of bad parenting seems to have escaped him.
With his focus on his bad childhood, he has shown himself to be a radically inclined disgruntled man-child who still harbors tons of resentment toward his family.

Royal Family News – Are Harry And Oprah Going To Collaborate Again?

Harry has been enabled to be in the limelight due to Oprah making him a coproducer of their Apple TV+, series called The Me You Can’t See. He’s so hot right now that he’s on the cover of People magazine.

This Friday the pair followed up the launch of the series with what they called, “a special town hall” featuring Harry, Oprah, Glenn Close, and presumably at least one expert who can intelligibly talk about the topic of mental health.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Is Not A Qualified Professional

On The Me You Can’t See, Harry has taken his woe is me persona to a whole other level of inappropriate, that of the armchair therapist. It was bad enough when he was dragging his family through the dirt for how poorly they did with him but when he began to offer up advice to people struggling with suicidal ideation, he went too far.

Harry is not a licensed mental health professional and yet he clacks about how to best handle a suicidal person. It’s irresponsible for him to blabber about “listening” when he has no credential let alone a degree to back him up. What’s next for Harry, the third persona as a brain surgeon?

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