Royal Family News: Prince Harry Abandons The Queen On Her Birthday And Flies Home Instead

British royal family news reveals that Prince Harry left London on the eve of his grandmother’s milestone 95th birthday to bolt back to his sunny new mansion.

According to, Harry jetted out of town mere days after his 99-year old grandfather’s funeral and just hours before the rest of the family would honor the longest serving monarch in history.

The decision to flee his family for a second time, when they need him most, speaks volumes.

As notes, not only has he missed the Queen’s milestone birthday today, he had but one meeting with his father and Prince William following the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Has Fled London A Second Time

The Duke of Sussex is said to have flown into Los Angeles on an American Airlines flight from London’s Heathrow airport shortly after 1.30 pm local time yesterday.

The environmental preacher was driven off in a chauffeur-driven gas guzzling SUV and seen again at his mansion around 4pm.

This means Harry couldn’t wait 24 hours to join the rest of his family in wishing the bereaved queen all the happiness and be with her in her time of greatest sorrow.

Then again, maybe his presence wasn’t wanted there; it certainly wasn’t needed.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Shows His True Colors

The queen is said to plan on a ‘low key’ day at Windsor Castle, where the family members who love and respect her and not named Harry will drop in on her. All except for son Charles who is in private mourning at his Welsh home.

Family members living close to the queen include Prince Andrew, Princess Eugenie, and the Earl and Countess of Wessex. Unlike years past there will be no traditional gun salutes or birthday photo due to the monarch remaining in mourning.

Harry’s reported rift with his father and brother caused by his traitorous decision to rat out his clan to Oprah appears to be unresolved although it was reported that after Saturday’s funeral that William and Harry took ‘baby steps’ towards healing their fractured relationship.

There was a personal meeting between the trio but allegedly Charles and William were firm on meeting with Harry together, “so that nobody’s words could be misconstrued afterwards.”

Harry was reportedly to stay for the Queen’s birthday, but sources said he was ‘conflicted’ and also wanted to go home. His decision shows us where his heart lays.

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