Royal Family News: Prince Charles Takes Off Alone To Wales To Mourn Prince Philip

British royal family news shows that Prince Charles is now at his home in Wales following the Saturday funeral of his 99-year old father Prince Philip.

According to the Daily Mail he will continue to privately grieve there, without wife Camilla, after he had a meeting with Prince William and Prince Harry immediately after Prince Philip’s funeral.

Royal Family News – Prince Charles Is In Wales

Charles reportedly traveled to Llwynywermod in Llandovery, on his own, within a day of his father’s service but not before meeting on the grounds of Windsor Castle with his two allegedly feuding sons. Following the confab it was reported that the trio took “baby steps” toward détente following Harry and Meghan’s shattering tell-all with the queen of talk Oprah Winfrey.

According to reports, trust in Harry will be a long time in coming. That’s evident by the fact that Charles and William wanted to meet with Harry together, “so that nobody’s words could be misconstrued afterwards.” Or spilled by an indiscrete Harry to the media as he has blatantly done many times?

Royal Family News – Prince Charles Does Not Trust Harry?

A senior royal insider said, “Obviously after the worldwide fallout of the Oprah interview trust has to be rebuilt. There was no official wake after the funeral, but Charles, William and Harry took the opportunity to speak and catch-up face to face after many months apart.”

“They were only able to spend a short time together outdoors given Covid restrictions and also without staff, including senior courtiers, overhearing what was being said.”

The source went on to say, “It was important to Charles and William that they were both there together. It means nothing spoken about can be misconstrued in the future.”

Royal Family News – Can Prince Harry Be Trusted?

According to the source, a complete trusting of Harry is not possible at this time. “There is much pain and hurt on both sides, so this reconciliation will take place in baby steps.”

“First, they need to decide on some ground rules as to how they conduct business going forward in a way that makes all parties feel safe and protected.”

Perhaps most importantly, the queen supports Charles and William and has made it clear she does not condone what Hollywood Harry did.

The insider explained, “The Queen has made it clear to senior advisers that she is united with Charles and William, and was disappointed with aspects of Harry and Meghan’s interview.”

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