Royal Family News: Piers Morgan Reveals Prince Philip’s 10-point Royal Survival Guide

Piers MorganBritish royal family news reveals that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh the longest serving royal consort ever, will be laid to rest on Saturday. Many things have been written in tribute to the 99-year old husband and “rock” of Queen Elizabeth. But the most revealing and truthful things that can be said about him come from observing his conduct over the years.

According to Piers Morgan, Prince Philip lived by a 10-point guide to surviving and thriving as a royal. Here are those words to live by.

Royal Family News – Prince Philip Died At Age 99

According to Morgan, Philip abhorred personal ego. His friend and biographer, Gyles Brandreth, stated, “He said to me more than once: ‘It’s a big mistake to think about yourself. No one is interested in you in the long run. Don’t court popularity. It doesn’t last. Remember that the attention comes because of the position you are privileged to hold, not because of who you are. If you think it’s all about you, you’ll never be happy.”

Secondly, for all his brusque behavior, Philip, one of the richest and most privileged people in the world, “kept his moaning mouth shut and his gripes to himself, as he shook hands, smiled, and small-talked with complete strangers, day after day, week after week, year after year.”

Next, the Duke knew the value of hard work and lived the lesson. “He carried out a staggering 22,191 solo engagements in seven decades of public service, gave 5,493 speeches, was patron, president or member of 837 organisations, and travelled to 143 countries on official business. And he kept going until he was 96!”

Royal Family News – Prince Philip Knew The Value Of Hard Work

Fourth, Piers believed that Philip’s love of reading informed his character. His personal library at Buckingham Palace housed over 11,000 books. “He strongly believed that through reading comes knowledge, and through knowledge comes wisdom.”

Philip was human but rare was the rumor about any supposed misbehavior. In over 70 years of public service, “he conducted himself with enormous personal probity, honesty and discretion, and barely put a foot wrong other than uttering the odd verbal gaffe – most of which were funny, harmless quips that were taken in good jest by the recipients, as they’ve been confirming since he died.”

Royal Family News – Prince Philip Will Be Buried Saturday

Sixth, Philip knew enough to not spill his grievances and the family dirty laundry to Oprah Winfrey. “Give TV interviews, by all means,” Philip said. “But don’t talk about yourself.”

To that end, Brandreth said Philip thought Meghan and Harry’s decision to throw his family under the bus in an interview to Winfrey was “madness” and “no good would come of it.”

By all appearances Philip lived a life of moderation that served him well. Almost an entire century to be exact!
According to Morgan, Philip’s seventh point was all things in moderation. He ate healthily, quit smoking before his marriage, “and deployed the 5BX (Five Basic Exercises) daily military exercise formula of stretching, sit-ups, back extensions, press-ups and running/jumping on the spot that could all be done without equipment in a confined space.”

Royal Family News – Prince Philip Was Grounded And Centered

Being grounded, as Morgan says, contributed to who Philip was. “I read a wonderful anecdote over the weekend regaled by Lynton Westray, an African-American man who worked for 32 years as a butler at the White House. He told NPR about the time Prince Philip and the Queen visited in the 70s. After dinner, Philip went alone into the Red Room, next to the state dining room, where Westray and another waiter were serving liquors.”

“He recalled: ‘I asked him: ‘Your Majesty, would you care for a cordial?’ He says, ‘I’ll take one if you let me serve it. If you let me pour it, I’ll have one with you.’ ….”

“So, he poured it and we took the same thing that he had. And we had our drink there together and had a little talk. He told us if we were ever over in London to stop at Buckingham Palace and see him. Can you imagine the Prince serving you? I enjoyed it.”

“You know, we’re not supposed to drink and carry on at that time. We’re not guests. It was just the three of us in the room, so nobody knew what happened. And I drank my little cordial, we all drank, and had a little conversation.”

“But that was one thing I’ll never forget, having been served by royalty.”

As Piers concludes, “We’ve heard a lot about Philip’s supposed racism and snobbery. This fabulous previously untold story is a nice counterbalance to that narrative.”

Royal Family News – Prince Philip Was Ego Free

Piers’ ninth point was that Philip’s generation believed in grit, resilience and a stiff upper lip. “Speaking about his World War II experience, he said: ‘We didn’t have counsellors rushing around every time somebody let off a gun, asking ‘Are you all right? Are you sure you don’t have a ghastly problem?’ You just got on with it.”

Finally, Philip wasn’t perfect and he admitted it. “But his intentions were invariably honorable, and he always tried to do the right thing for his Queen and country regardless of the criticism that came his way. ‘I’ve just done what I think is my best,’ he said.”

That makes for a pretty good guide, whether one is royal or regular.

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