Royal Family News: Meghan Markle’s Body Language Shows She’s In Charge

Meghan MarkleBritish royal family news reveals that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry supplied a fresh crop of belly laughs and meme material after an egotistic trip to NYC last weekend. They changed their bizarre clothes a gazillion times a day as they photo-oped themselves silly. Rumor has it they recorded the whole thing for a Netflix special. Oh boy.

Reviewing the footage of the cringe four day blitz, one body language expert weighed in on Meghan’s body language, what could be seen of it beneath the troweled on makeup and blankets she wore. According to Judi James, the new mom who left her three month old at home, is coming into her own.

Royal Family News  Judi James Said Meghan Is Resilient

Is Meghan now communicating with her limbs and torso that she has boosted her, “confidence and resilience?” You betcha, says James.

The lavish and extravagant trip to New York was the couple’s first public outing since daughter Lilibet was born in June. Remember when their friends were willing to be seen dining out with them at the drop of a hat? Maybe that’s why they haven’t been seen for months, the VIP well has dried up in the wake of their relentless attacks on his family, the media, social media users, the list is loooong.

Proving Time exec’s drank the Kool-Aid, the magazine put the thirsty pair on the cover of their 100 Most Influential people alive on planet earth issue. Judi told Fabulous, “New York Meghan and Time magazine cover’s Meghan reveal a woman with a much more steely look in both her eye expression and her body posing and movement.” Exactly right Judi, Blue Steel is alive and well—who knew Zoolander was Meghan’s spirit animal?

Royal Family News – Meghan Has The Blue Steel Look Down Pat

James went on to glorify the royal runaway: “She also appears to be more self-assured and much more like a leader. Now that she has the profile, but without the constraints, we can see a much tougher Meghan, who appears to be determined to change the world for the better, and sooner rather than later.”

Royal Family News: Will Meghan Change The World For Better Or Worse?

Judi was not done with her free body language assessment as she added, “Meghаn’s body lаnguаge hаs chаnged since she returned to the United Stаtes, аnd it’s not just becаuse she’s now а mother for the second time.”

“There’s the new, corporаte Meghаn, аs seen on the Time mаgаzine cover аnd cleаrly tаking the ‘Most Influentiаl’ tаg seriously in terms of business stаtus, despite the fаct thаt the list аlso includes other icons like Britney Speаrs.”

James saved the best for last: “Hаrry hаngs on her shoulder or poses beside her, looking more like а wingmаn or supporter….” Or a Stepford Husband, take your pick.

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