Royal Family News: James Middleton Reveals Odd New Member Of Family

James Middleton British Royal family news reveals James Middleton celebrated his 34th birthday with a humorous post about adopting a partially blind sheep, sadly rejected by his mother, who now thinks that he’s a spaniel. His name is Captain, and fittingly too.

James Celebrated His Birthday with His Furry Friends

We know James Middleton is a self-confessed all-around dog lover, and using his birthday post, he revealed that he now has a new four-legged friend. No, it’s not another dog, but it might as well be.

“So you might be wondering why there is a little lamb in the photo,” James posted on Instagram as he celebrates his 34th birthday on Thursday alongside a picture of him, his cute black spaniel, Ella, not feeling jealous at all, and the cuter black and white lamb in the front seat of his Range Rover.

“Well Captain is partially blind & rejected by his mother so we’ve adopted him,” he added, before jokingly adding, “…although I think he now thinks he’s a spaniel ?”

James Middleton, who is the last child of Carole and Michael Middleton, parents to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has always made his struggles with dyslexia, depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder public. He has also participated in awareness programs about the condition dyslexia. In his birthday post, he credited his spaniel, Ella, and his furry friends for helping him during his troubled times.

James Middleton Reveals Odd New Member Of The Family On His 34th Birthday!

“Today is my Birthday & I’m celebrating with my wonderful fiancée Alizee, and of course all the dogs and a new member of the pack ?,” James wrote. He is expected to tie the knot with French financial analyst Alizee Thevenet later this year, after their original plans to get married in 2020 were postponed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

He also dedicated some words to his faithful spaniel Ella, who helped him to find the love of his life, kept him young and active, and inspired him to start a company that’s all about dog happiness and wellbeing, Ella & Co.

The “Ella And Co journey”

To mark James’ big day, the company also posted an image of its founder celebrating his birthday in a sparkling blue birthday hat and surrounded by multi-colored confetti.

“To everyone on here who’s followed the Ella & Co journey, thank you for all the encouragement you have given me and the company over the past year,” James shared. “Here’s to another year with lots of exciting ? related things to come! Santé!”

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