Royal Family News: Fact Checkers Refute Meghan Markle’s Wedding Claims

British royal family news reveals that Reverend David Green, Vicar of St Mary’s, West Malling and the Rector of St Michael’s, Offham, is calling time out on Meghan Markle’s stupendous claim that she and Prince Harry had two weddings.

She made the claim during their infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey last night but the Reverend reveals, “I think the Archbishop needs to clarify what did or did not happen three days before,” after Meghan alleged that he secretly married her and Prince Harry three days before their public Windsor wedding.

Royal Family News – The Archbishop Has Some Explaining To Do

This was one of the more mild bombshells that the couple dropped, most of them involving others who seemingly had no forewarning of their intentions.

It had been said that it was just the couple and the Archbishop of Canterbury who were present at the ceremony, but it has been reported that a marriage needs two witnesses and must be solemnized by a member of the clergy in a church or licensed location.

Some outlets are reporting that if the pair exchanged vows as was described, it was not legally binding and they became husband and wife in Windsor days later.
Call in the fact checkers!

Royal Family News – The Archbishop Will Not Explain Himself

After the clergyman insisted the Archbishop of Canterbury, who Meghan name dropped, should explain, a spokesman for the Archbishop today said he would not comment on personal or pastoral matters.

Well so much for three chords and the truth.

Meghan told Winfrey, “You know, three days before our wedding, we got married. No one knows that,” but Harry later insisted it had been just them and Justin Welby present. Oops.

Royal Family News – Is there Such A Thing As Two Many Marriages?

Then there is Reverend Tiffer Robinson, who is responsible for four rural parishes in Suffolk. He tweeted: “You seriously think there is even a chance that they had a legal wedding in a garden with no witnesses three days before their royal wedding with the Archbishop of Canterbury?” Oh, snap!

Reverend Green added on Twitter, “You can’t get married twice. So what was the thing three days before? And if it was a marriage, what on earth are we doing ‘playing’ at prayer/holy matrimony for cameras.”

“She clearly thinks something happened with ABC (Archbishop of Canterbury) 3 days prior. So it would be helpful to clarify what it was. Plus this is something she claimed that can be verified by separate testimony (i.e. Lambeth). If it’s BS, that helps assess the rest of the interview too.” Double snap.

Ball is in your court on this one, Meghan.

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