Lindsie Chrisley Speaks Out For The First Time Since Divorce Announcement

Lindsie Chrisley Speaks Out For The First Time Since Divorce AnnouncementLindsie Chrisley and her husband Will Campbell are getting divorced. Well, after the news came she understandably went quiet for a while. Late on Sunday, July 31, she opened up again for the first time since the announcement. It sound like she now plans to tackle some work and try and normalize her new life without her ex-husband by her side.

Lindsie Chrisley Split From Will Campbell For Good

Will married Todd’s eldest daughter and at the time, her dad was upset as they eloped. Then in 2016, they separated. However, they reconciled. Now that they decided to end it once and for all, Lindsie said that it is amicable. Plus, they will both work to co-parent their son Jackson. The announcement came in the last week of July 2021. Lindsie shared a photo of her and Jackson as they prepared to move home. Plenty of Chrisley Knows Best fans sent in their thoughts.

The news about Lindsie Chrisley and Will getting a divorce got to her estranged dad, and he talked about it on his Chrisley Confessions podcast. Todd obviously felt very sad about it and it weighed on his mind. Nevertheless, he wished her the best future. Plus, he liked that Jackson at least knows and sees Will’s mom and dad. Unfortunately, it seems that Jackson doesn’t see Todd. The worst fallout from his own divorce impacted on Kyle and Lindsie. So for the Chrisley Knows Best star, he naturally hopes it doesn’t emotionally damage Jackson.

Coffee Convos Podcast Host Got A Lot Of Messages

Lindsie Chrisley took to her Instrgam Stories on Sunday Night and shared a photo of herself looking tired. The caption read, “Spent some time reading all my messages.” Next, she reassured her fans that she noticed them. Mind you, maybe she didn’t get around to answering every one. Plus, it’s quite possible she received many hundreds of concerned DMs.

Lindsie Chrisley Speaks Out For The First Time Since Divorce Announcement

Obviously, looking to a return to some normality, she also talked about work. The former USA Network star said that this week, she plans on returning to her Coffee Convos podcast. No doubt, after the news about the divorce, plenty of fans tune in and listen to her. While she might not be on the show anymore, she and her co-host Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowrey racked up plenty of their own fans. Other news that emerged last week, is that Todd’s daughter also started her own Lip Kit launch. Her fans probably like it that she started getting busy as she moves on in her life without Will Campbell by her side. Hopefully, she soon gets back to her usual more relaxed and less stressed self.

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