Eastenders Spoilers: Sharon Offers Ian Sex To Make Him Eat His Final Dessert, But Can She Do It?

Eastenders: Sharon Beale (Letitia Dean), Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) Eastenders spoilers reveal that Sharon Beale (Letitia Dean) plans on killing Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) and puts the fatal dose in a special dessert. However, he won’t eat it because of what Max Branning (Jake Wood) tells him. Even though the thought of sleeping with her son’s killer sickens her, Sharon offers him sex to make him eat the poisoned treat, but can she really do it?

Eastenders Spoiler Highlights

Eastenders spoilers reveal that even though Sharon is having a tough time grappling with her guilt, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) reminds her why they are doing this. It’s to avenge the death of Sharon’s son, Denny Rickman (Bleu Landau). Once Phil reminds her that Ian is responsible for Denny’s death and goes through the boy’s agonizing final moments, the plan is back on.

This time, there is no slowly poisoning Ian and making him weaker each time. Sharon and Phil are ready to put the nails in Ian’s coffin. When Phil gives his ex-wife lethal pills, Sharon plans on preparing a special final dessert.

Max Branning’s Warning

Eastenders spoilers reveal that there is something that Sharon doesn’t know. Max tells his enemy that his condition isn’t from sickness or disease. He flat-out accuses Sharon of killing Ian. Even though Ian refuses to believe that Sharon would do such a thing, it is sitting in the back of his mind.

Hesitation And Desperation

When Sharon puts the fatal pills in her special dessert, she isn’t pleased that Ian won’t touch it. She gets desperate and takes extreme measures to make him consume the deadly dessert. She makes Ian an offer that she knows he won’t be able to refuse, even though it makes her sick to think about it.

Sharon Beale Offers Sex

According to Inside Soap magazine, Sharon suggests that they make their marriage official. That’s right, Sharon will offer Ian sex in order to get him to eat his final dessert. However, we also know that guilt is eating her alive. We also know that the thought of sleeping with her son’s killer makes Sharon sick. These two things could have Sharon back out at the last minute. But that will only make Ian suspicious, especially after Max told him that he’s being poisoned to death by his own wife.

What do you think is going to happen as this storyline wraps up? Will Sharon really give Ian what he wants in order to kill him? Will she back out at the last second, which will make him suspicious? Or will something else happen that makes Ian realize not all is as it appears? We will have to keep watching the soap to find out what happens next.

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