Chrisley Knows Best Fans Stand With Nanny Faye’s Gamble

Chrisley Knows Best: With Nanny FayeChrisley Knows Best fans adore Nanny Faye. Todd’s mom loves to gamble, and always bets money on the horses if she can. Or, before the coronavirus pandemic, she loved a visit to the casino. Everybody’s favorite grandmother brings a lot of fun and shenanigans to the USA Network show, and sometimes, she steals the laughs. Now fans stand by her latest gamble.

Chrisley Knows Best – Nanny Faye The Fun-Loving Grandma

Recently,  USA Network fans felt a little bit concerned about Todd’s mom. Savannah told her fans that she broke two ribs as she leaned over the back of a sofa. She said that her grandma would be okay though. However, perhaps she broke her ribs as she’s getting on in age now. At 73, possibly, her bones become a bit brittle. Of course, her many fans sent in their best wishes to her. They adore her as she seems so much fun all the time. Possibly some of it is scripted, but she carries it off and makes a lot of people happy.

Chrisley Knows Best fans saw a teaser for the upcoming season of the show that premieres on August 12. Nanny Faye seemed delighted when Todd ended up without his pants at an auction. Plus, she dressed up as a fortune teller and sat staring into a crystal ball. Then, she intoned how she saw “dark clouds” ahead. Fans thought that perhaps she saw trouble for Todd and Julie Chrisley as Chase said they might get a divorce. Fans can’t wait for the new season for more laughs from Nanny Faye.

Chrisley Knows Best – Todd Shares A Clip And Nanny’s Gambling

On Saturday, July 24, Todd shared a clip of Nanny Faye talking with Savannah. He captioned it with, “I live to keep this old lady going.” In the clip, Savannah asked her to say what she just said once again. So Nanny held out her hand and said that she’s put $100 on Britney getting free. Presumably, she talked about Britney Spears getting free of her father’s influence and control. You might already know that Britney fights for control of her own affairs.

The good news for Nanny Faye of Chrisley Knows Best, is that MSNBC reported, “a California superior court judge granted Spears’ request to let her replace her long-term counsel with someone of her own choosing.” Fans loved the way Nanny Faye placed money in it as she can’t resist a gamble. Many of them commented and they stand with her bet.

Fan Comment On Nanny Faye And Britney

One fan commented, “I’m with Nanny Faye!! #FreeBrittanySpears❤️❤️❤️.” Then another one said, “Nanny don’t play about her money @toddchrisley😂😂😂.”

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