90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Why Liz’s Ex-Husband Believes She Chose Big Ed

90 Day Fiance: Ed Brown Makes Liz Woods90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers suggest that Liz Woods’ ex-husband believes he knows why Liz chose Big Ed Brown over him. What is Liz’s ex-husband’s theory?

90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers – Ed Brown Makes Liz Woods Feel Safe

90 Day Fiance’ Ed makes Liz feel safe according to Liz’s ex-husband. The ex claims that this is why Liz chose Ed over him. Liz and Ed got engaged a few months ago and the ex-husband is not thrilled with that development. After the conclusion of 90 Day The Single Life, Ed and Liz got into a huge argument and broke up. Fans were proud of Liz for leaving Ed and exposing his behavior after he ordered her to leave his house twice. However, the two talked things out on the 90 Day Finance The Single Life Tell All. Ed and Liz admitted that they still loved each other. However, fans were still stunned when Ed and Liz revealed in August that they were engaged.

90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers – Fans Didn’t Understand

90 Day Fiance Fans were confused when Liz forgave Ed for his atrocious behavior and got engaged to him. After all, Ed had treated her terribly and this was not easy on Liz’s child either. How could Liz just overlook everything and wipe the slate clean? Liz’s second ex-husband, Saied Camacho, claims that Liz may not love Ed as much as she loves the fame. Camacho claims that Liz lived with him for six months while she and Ed were separated. Liz denies this and claims that Camacho is abusive. Liz shared pictures of her with badly bruised eyes saying she wasn’t afraid of Camacho anymore.

90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers – Ed Brown Doesn’t Attract Woman

90 Day Fiance’s Liz’s ex-husband doesn’t see Ed as an attractive person. Camacho doesn’t believe that Ed attracts women and that is why Liz forgave him and got engaged to him. Perhaps Liz believes that no one else will have her the way she is. Liz may also believe that she doesn’t have any competition for Ed because women don’t flock to him. However, most people don’t believe Camacho because he has been accused of domestic abuse himself. Camacho will not answer to the charges that have been alleged against him and that makes his opinion untrustworthy.

Why Liz chose to be with Ed doesn’t matter nearly as much as the fact they are together and engaged. Will Ed and Liz break up before they can get married? Will Liz and Ed truly be happy with each other? Fans will certainly feel cheated if Ed and Liz don’t go through with their wedding. However, only time will tell what happens with these two.

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