The Young And The Restless Filming Update: Eric Braeden At Studio Getting COVID-19 Test

The Young and the Restless: Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) CBS The Young and the Restless is getting ready to head back into production. However, before that happens, the cast and crew must get tested for COVID-19. Actor Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) confirmed that he was at the studio on Thursday getting his test. If everything goes well, then the soap should be back in production in the upcoming week.

The Young And The Restless – Eric Braeden Gets COVID-19 Tested

It was previously reported that the cast and crew of Y&R would have to get an initial test of COVID-19 before they could get back to work. On Twitter, the soap veteran announced that he was at Television Studios, ready to get his test. This is a great sign as it means the soap really is getting ready to have everyone get back to work.

Braeden also posted a photo of himself wearing a mask and standing beside him, also masked, was executive producer Anthony “Tony” Morina.

Cast And Crew Testing Protocol

Before any production gets the green light to resume production, certain safety measures have to be met. In addition to an initial COVID-19 test, the cast and crew will have to be tested on a regular basis. Its sister soap, The Bold and the Beautiful is testing everyone each week. It’s safe to assume that Y&R will do the same thing.

Y&R Spoilers – Production Restart Date

The Young and the Restless had an original restart date of July 6. However, that date was tentative as the situation is unlike anything that has been dealt with before. COVID-19 also tends to be a bit unpredictable and numbers are starting to rise again. That date was delayed by one week and everyone hopefully gets back to work on July 13.

Safety Measures

B&B has been pretty open about everything that must be done so everyone could get back to work and have it stay that way. We haven’t heard that much about Y&R, but the stars will probably start to open up about it soon. Social distancing, wearing masks, having a separate entrance and exit are all similar features that the cast and crew will probably deal with.

What do you think of Eric Braeden confirming he was at Television Studios getting his initial COVID-19 test? Are you looking forward to the cast and crew getting back to work?

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