5 Reasons Why ‘Young and The Restless’ Jack & Celeste Will Be A Thing When ‘Y&R’ Re-Airs

The Young And The Restless: Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott), Celeste Rosales (Eva LaRue)CBS The Young and the Restless spoilers and updates reveal that Jack Abbott needs a good woman in his life, he’s long overdue. Most of the women he’s tangled with in the past are taken such as Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) and Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). Anything can happen when the show returns with original episodes, such a jump in time, cessation of current plots, or the introduction of brand new ones.

For a while fans thought that Jack and Celeste Rosales (Eva LaRue) would be a good match and the writers seemed to be considering it. Jack and Celeste had a few moments of interaction and when they did they sizzled.

Celeste seems to be a good woman with a foundation of integrity, not a woman who would scam Jack or be unfaithful.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Five Reasons

With that in mind, here are five reasons why Jack Abbott and Celeste Rosales may be a thing when the show returns.

#1 Jack Abbott And Celeste Rosales Have Already Sparkled

Jack and Celeste’s chemistry is a given, that much we’ve already seen like when he went to pick her up to attend Lola Rosales’ (Sasha Calle) wedding. If Jack wasn’t interested in Celeste would he have traveled to Florida to pick up a virtual stranger?

#2 If Jack Abbott And Celeste Rosales Got Together It Would Be Almost Like The Brady Bunch

If Jack and Celeste get together and Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) and Lola Rosales got back together, we can hear the theme song now, “Till the one day when the lady met this fellow, and they knew that it was much more than a hunch, that this group must somehow form a family, that’s the way we all became the Abbott bunch!”

#3 Jack Abbott Doesn’t Go Womanless For Long

Jack is in a dry spell—he usually has arm candy so it’s past time for a woman like brainy, gorgeous Celeste to be draped on his Brooks Brothers bicep.

#4 The Show Will Time Travel?

There are lots of rumors about how the show might be changed when it returns, so maybe we will learn that Jack and Celeste have been an item for a year?

#5 Eva LaRue Is An Emmy Award-Winning Actress!

Eva LaRue just won the Emmy Award for her guest stint on Y&R. Is there any reason why she shouldn’t be back on the canvas? Nope, she’s a fan fave and recognized by her peers for her acting excellence—bring her back already!

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