Royal Family News: Queen Elizabeth Has Prohibited These Words Because They’re Simply Too Bougie

British royal family news reveals that being royal should never be mistaken with being common. That’s why Queen Elizabeth enforces protocols involving dress, speech and behavior. In fact Her Majesty is reported to be the grammar police, banning certain words that are just too—bougie!

Royal watcher Marina Viro told La Vita in Diretta, “At the royal court, you don’t mess around with words and if you do use the wrong one, it’s a big risk.” It’s not quite ‘off with their heads’ time, but you can be sure offenders don’t make the same mistake twice!

So what words doesn’t the queen like to be used in her presence? Sorry Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, but the word ‘posh’ is a strict no-no as far as the queen is concerned.

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Likewise, savvy guests never say the very common word ‘perfume’ to the queen—it’s so middle-class. If one must, the word ‘scent’ is said to be a much preferable word.

And the queen apparently does not like the informal words ‘dad’ or ‘daddy.’ One’s male parent must always be referred to as ‘father.’

Her Majesty Does Not Like Diminutives Of Words

Viro went on to say that when Mother Nature calls, the room one uses should never be called the ‘bathroom’ or the ‘toilet,’ but the very proper ‘lavatory.’

And when in the queen’s presence one sits on a ‘sofa’ not a ‘couch’ or ‘settee.’ The riffraff sit on settees and the hoi polloi park their bums on couches!

There Are Certain Words One Must Never Say In The Presence Of The Queen

While some of us may have back yards if we’re lucky, the queen of course has an entire estate upon which to roam. Therefore, her ‘courtyard’ is known by the elegant word ‘terrace.’

And while the majority of people enjoy watching TV in their living room, den, or rumpus room if they are so inclined, the queen has a special name for her relaxation room; and no, it’s not a ‘she shed.’ The queen apparently lounges in the ‘sitting room,’ thank you very much.

According to Viro all of the banned words are just too un-royal. “In short, these words would be too banal, not very chic, unpronounceable at court.”

And if you should ever get an audience with Her Majesty, please know that garlic is never served on the royal table; it’s ‘scent’ is just too stinky according to the queen.

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