Prince Harry And Meghan Didn’t Want To Play Ball In The UK But Can They Win The Game In L.A.?

Now that Finding Freedom, the bio that Harry and Meghan cooperated with even though they say they didn’t (the authors acknowledge their participation in the book) everyone is reexamining them and Megxit. That’s because the book’s authors claimed up and down that the book would reveal the “real” couple, who they really are, and not what the evil media say they are.

And you know what? When all is said and done, the press was right. Because of Harry and Meghan sound every bit as childish and entitled and tone-deaf in their own words as they do in the third person. Boom. Big surprise.

Where does this leave the dishonest couple for whom the word hypocritical is the most often used adjective by commentators the world over? What is next for Markle’s?

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Perhaps Meghan was right when they left the UK. They certainly made no bones about how they didn’t fit in when they launched their divorce proceedings, aka Megxit. They were unhappy and now their bio points out in tedious detail how unhappy they were and why. All the while making them sound like cardboard saints while enduring the taunts, humiliations, slings, and arrows of everyone around them: family, supposed friends, and the media.

Now they’re in Cali but are things really that better for them? Or any different? On the surface no. The press will still hound them no matter what dimension they are in and being in tony Montecito will not protect them from the paparazzi.

They are still unemployed. They have launched no charity, foundation nor initiative of any note or importance. Their significance level has not changed one iota.

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There is one difference though. They have finally stopped flopping in other people’s houses. They are finally in very own starter mansion (4-5 mill or so). Who actually bought it is another issue altogether. There are both reports that Daddy Charles funded it in part and reports that they bought it all on their own. That there is even a such a discussion underlines how entitled and spoiled they are, nearing their 40s and still sponging off of others: They are no one’s role models.

Can they change this perception now that they are away from the big, bad UK and in the Land of the Free? If they are even trying to change their negative image they are doing a poor job. That’s because they are polluting the environment in Escalades instead of Prius’ while actually launching a website that demands that people travel responsibility.

Finding Freedom provides a perfect example of why they are unlikely to win hearts and minds after their arduous relocation. According to a former royal aide, the problem with Meghan was that she, “talks about life and how we should live. That’s the way in America. In Britain, people look at that and go, ‘Who do you think you are?’”

Wrong. Americans have no more patience for that sort of claptrap than any other modern, mature, semi-intelligent, planet-dwelling individual. And for those who did live like that, they likely don’t anymore.

That’s because COVID-19 changed the world forever and that is something neither Harry nor Meghan anticipated when they set out to find their freedom. The game of life has changed everywhere, and now we’ll see how real they can be when people who once had disposable income are trying to just survive. Most of the world has no inclination to listen to them prattle on about how to travel; we can’t do that anymore. And who wants to hear the mantra of kindness from someone who shamelessly and very publicly threw their own family under the bus?

The global game has changed but charlatans will always look and act and smell a certain way and moving across an ocean doesn’t change that one bit.

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