Prince Charles And Camilla Thank Everyone At Royal Mail For Their Hard Work, Dedication & More

Prince Charles And CamillaIn the UK members of the royal family have made it a point to thank and encourage public workers who are on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone from the NHS to the Royal Mail is being recognized by the supportive royals and their thumbs up no doubt means a great deal to the people doing vital work.

The UK, like all the other countries impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, depend on essential workers to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Prince Charles And His Wife Camilla Have Just Recognized The Royal Mail In A Significant Way

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are the latest royals to publicly appreciate the hardworking individuals ensuring that the country remains operational. They have written to Britain’s postal workers and thanked them for the crucial part they are playing during the crisis.

The special letter from the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall were addressed to, Everyone at Royal Mail, and contains a thank you for the workers’, “dedication, resilience, and hard work.”

The Duke and Duchess Of Cornwall Sent A Positive Letter To The Royal Mail Workers

The letter goes on to say, “In recent weeks, we have heard that many people have taken the time to write a letter, or a card, to those from whom they are separated. Postmen and postwomen are trusted figures in our local communities.”

“Today, as many people – ourselves included – are obliged to stay at home, Royal Mail plays an absolutely vital role in keeping family and friends in touch with one another.”

The note stressed the value of Royal Mail workers, “has never been more important,” and they added, “For that, we can only say how deeply grateful we are and send you our kindest wishes.”

Postman Neil Martin Collects The Mail At Camilla And Charles’ House In Scotland

The letter was mailed from the couple’s Scotland house. It was outside the couple’s front door at Birkhall, Aberdeenshire, where postman Neil Martin picked it up on Tuesday.

The letter also contained the following sentiment, “Many of you, we know, have gone above and beyond what is normally expected of you. We have heard wonderful stories of postmen and postwomen checking on older and vulnerable residents, raising funds for good causes, even wearing fancy dress costumes to raise a smile ….”

The extraordinary missive was addressed to “Everyone at Royal Mail” and ended with the words, “’heartfelt thanks – and a big thumbs up,” from Charles and Camilla.

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