Loose Cannon Prince Harry Resents Public Image of Him, Here’s Why

Once again, Prince Harry seems to be upset with the public’s perception of him. That’s because many commentators have suggested that perhaps Prince William actually does have the temperament to be king of the entire United Kingdom one day, while Prince Harry is too hot-headed for the job. Indeed, some insiders claim that Prince Harry is little more than a “loose cannon,” whereas Prince William is seen as “calm and rational.”

In an interview, Royal commentator Duncan Larcombe said that “Harry once told me that he really resents the perception that William’s the sensible one while he’s the loose cannon. He said there were times when it was actually Harry giving William advice.” Of course, Prince Harry is right to some degree. He probably has given Prince William advice from time to time. However, one wonders if Prince Harry realizes that just because he gave his older brother advice it doesn’t mean he is a calm and rational person. It also doesn’t mean that Prince Harry isn’t a “loose cannon.”

Signs Prince Harry is Simply Jealous Of Prince William

One of the first signs that Prince Harry may be secretly jealous of Prince William is the fact that he reportedly “takes things far too personally.” In other words, if someone accused Prince Harry of actually being jealous of William, he’d likely deny it vigorously. However, this might make anyone listening to Prince Harry feel that “the prince doth protest too much.”

Actually, there might be a simple way that those curious about whether Prince Harry is jealous of his brother or not can actually tell. First, if Prince Harry is always pointing out his own successes whenever anyone praises Prince William … that could be a clue. If Prince Harry tries to subtly compete with Prince William in the media or tries to appear the victim of supposed slights.

One actually hopes that none of this is actually the case when it comes to Prince Harry since jealousy can easily turn to hatred. No one wants to see real enmity between Prince Harry and Prince William.

Harry’s Image Is His Own Doing

The truth is that Prince Harry’s public image is entirely his own doing. He’s been caught making a hypocrite out of himself on more than one occasion, often accompanied in his hypocrisy by his wife, Meghan Markle. As many know, Prince Harry has been something of an environmental doomsday preacher, lecturing both industry leaders as well as the common man during various speeches. Then, Harry has turned around and has jet set in private jets … on one occasion doing so four times in the space of one week!

Prince Harry and Meghan both were caught on camera zooming here and there in downtown Los Angeles, whilst driving one of the most expensive, gas-guzzling SUVs on the market. Of course, this is hardly Prince Harry and Meghan lessening their carbon footprint!

The bottom line is that if the public has a negative image of Prince Harry for any reason … most understand that reason has absolutely nothing to do with Prince William.

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