Little Archie: The Prince or the Pauper?

meghan markle, archie harrison baby, royal family newsApparently, Royal Family’s little Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor must be a prince. That’s true whether his formerly senior royal parents, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wish it to be so or not. According to royal experts, even though Harry and Meghan wanted Archie to be a regular, private citizen and still intend to raise him that way (kudos to the couple), British royalists insist that Archie legally has royal titles regardless of his parents’ wishes.

This begs the question … will having a royal title affect Archie’s life in any meaningful manner or not? Will Harry and Meghan even tell Archie that he has royal titles? There’s no doubt that for some time to come, Archie will not care one way or the other whether he will receive the title of “prince,” “His Royal Highness,” “Duke of Sussex” (upon Harry’s death), or not. Right now, it’s more a curiosity for royal watchers to think over, ponder, and debate.

Will Archie Harrison Use His Royal Family Ties When He Grows Up

That said, when Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor grows to manhood, will he allow his British titles to sway him into the realm of snobbery? Will Archie think himself better than his American compatriots? Surely not, considering the fact that Archie will likely grow up in America and may even have American citizenship by the time he’s grown. If that happens, indeed, he’ll be the first member of the British royal family to have duel British-American citizenship.

Of course, the super-rich in America, like the people Meghan used to hob nob with in Hollywood, are on a par with British royalty when it comes to the perception that they all have their noses in the air and none identify with, or understand the common American citizen. Many believe Hollywood elites think they are better than the rest of America, and this was a group of individuals that Meghan was on a swift path to join at one point. In fact, that could still be what lies in store for little Archie whether Prince Harry and Meghan raise him amongst the upper crust of British society or not.

Royal Family News: Will Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Raise Archie As A Prince?

The bottom line on that front is that, Britain or America, Archie could still grow up amongst those who have no idea what it’s like to work 9 to 5 for a crust of bread. How much of a “regular Joe” will Archie be then?

On the American side of the pond, many fans of Harry and Meghan Markle no doubt are hoping that little Archie will grow up to be a normal, adjusted young man. They hope that Archie will view himself as no better than any other hard working American … and indeed, perhaps Meghan’s American family might give Archie a bit of an anchor in what the lives of the 99% are like.

Regardless of how Archie sees himself, or how common Americans or British citizens view him, there will always be those who are quick to remind everyone that Harry is a prince and so is his son. Archie will never be either a British or an American pauper. Archie will never lack for anything.

However, these individuals who obsess over the royal titles of Harry and his kin should remember the words of Mark Twain. “Kings cannot ennoble thee, thou good, great soul, for One who is higher than kings hath done that for thee.” In other words, it pays to remember that at the end of the day, Harry, Archie, indeed all the British royals, are still human at the end of the day, and were made in the same fashion as the rest of us.

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