Exclusive Interview: ABC General Hospital Zachary Garred (Levi Dunkleman) Talks GH Fans, Playing Levi And More

Exclusive Interview: ABC General Hospital Zachary Garred (Levi Dunkleman) Talks GH Fans, Playing Levi And More

Zachary Garred played the man ABC’s General Hospital Fans loved to hate, Levi Dunkleman, and since his departure from the show, fans are truly missing his evil character, calculating ways, and of course, his good looks and adorable accent. A fan favorite, Zachary is a wanted man by his many fans…they want more of him, and would love a return to GH. We had the unique opportunity to talk with Zachary and we asked him the questions you said you wanted answered most!

What Has Zachary Garred Been Doing Since He Left GH

Well, we had to start off our conversation with the most important question. What have you been doing since you left GH? Zachary tells us, “After I finished wrapping up [CBS’] NCIS LA, I went back to Australia and spent the holidays with family.” In between good ol’ family time, Zachary has been going on auditions, he made a Christmas film, guested on a few TV shows, and he did a feature film in his hometown! Though we were happy that Zachary had some family time, we’d really love having him back on GH.

Is There A Chance Levi Dunkleman Could Return From The Dead?

Zachary responded, “I hope so! That would be really awesome.” He shared how he enjoyed playing Levi and would love the chance to come back. We wondered if we had to remind Zachary that Levi is supposedly dead. But could we be wrong? We asked Zachary if he believes Levi survived, “Yes, I reckon so. I would not be surprised at all with that craft and creative crew!”

Zachary shared that he missed his castmates and friends, but would also love “just to get back to work.” Until that glorious day, we felt a need to know where we can see him again for now. “I finished up with NCIS: LA and that was the last time the show will air in the US. But I’ve been going on auditions—lots of them. So, hopefully soon!”

How Zachary Garred Felt Playing A Bad Guy

It could not have been easy to play such an evil character. We asked Zachary if he would have rather played a good guy instead. “No way!!” says Zachary. He explained that this was the first time he’s ever played a bad guy. And Zachary played it so well! So much so that he’s even had a GH fan pull up to him on the side of the road, cursing Levi! Boy, he sure didn’t make many friends on the show.

What Are His Hobbies

We wanted to know what Zachary’s favorite hobbies are. Zachary tells us, “In Australia, I love going to the beach, and playing cricket and soccer with my mates. When I’m in LA, I like exploring lots of areas of LA. I like to find locations where the movies were filmed.” Zachary recently enjoyed some good quality time with his girlfriend in Alabama and may have found a new destination for a good vacation spot, sharing how much he enjoyed the stay—noting how wonderful the people were.

Favorite Midnight Snack

In case you were wondering what his favorite midnight snack is, we can tell you! Though Zachary is able to maintain his physique by having a good balance between delicious LA food and regular exercise, he can’t seem to resist pie fresh from the oven and French fries! He must work out often to stay so fit. And it’s not just his physique that the ladies have their eyes on.

Not too long ago, Zachary chopped off his long hair, donating it to Locks of Love! And if that wasn’t nice enough, he also donated money to a charity, Campaign, in Australia, who provides support to children with cancer. That seems like enough to prove he is nothing like his former character Levi. While most fans adored his new look, Zachary shared that there was one person in particular who preferred the longer hair…his mother. Because it was for such a good cause, however, who could blame him?

Zachary left us with a special message JUST for GH fans! “GH fans are the best. I love their passion! They are truly committed to the show. They are like a team! They have a sense of humor, they appreciate and enjoy the show…they love the soapiness of it. They even enjoyed hating Levi. I have to applaud their passion. They really made the whole experience for me on the show!”

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  1. Kungphoo says

    i did not even know this was still on the air.. interesting to read what has happened in the last i could not even tell you years..

  2. Lisa says

    He was so good because I soooo hated his character. It would be interesting if he returned

  3. Uplifting Families says

    I like his favorite snacks. The warm homemade pie reminds me of my grandmother. She always made the best homemade pies.

  4. Debbie Denny says

    Wow. Congrats on the interview. I have not watched in a while.

  5. eliz frank says

    I haven’t watched the show in years, but it’s good to read about a beloved character. Zachary sounds like a real nice guy, despite the evil role he plays.

  6. Lisa Rios says

    Great Interview, I am sure you had so much fun. You can see many such real life hero’s who plays the most hated Villain characters. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Erika says

    He sounds like a sweetheart. Even if he does play a “bad boy” on TV.

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