Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall Participates In A Domestic Violence Conference

Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall The Women Of the World Global 24-hour festival will have the honor of having Royal Family’s Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, as a participant. She will join the global online discussion which coincides with her recent patronage of SafeLives, a non-profit organization whose mission is to eradicate domestic abuse.

Camilla Parker Bowles Has Visited SafeLives Several Times Over The Last Four Years

The Duchess of Cornwall has spoken out against domestic violence on many occasions with the goal of erasing the taboo about the subject. She has said that this taboo is decreasing thanks to, “brave women” speaking up. She has gone on to say that ignoring the topic is “corrosive,” and she hopes to lift the “shroud of silence” about domestic violence.

Camilla Supports Many Causes, Including The Eradication Of Domestic Violence

“It’s not a nice subject to talk about and I think that’s been one of its problems,” she said. “It’s been a taboo subject for so long that people just haven’t talked about it,” Camilla said in a talk with WOW Founder Jude Kelly and Suzanne Jacob, the Chief Executive of SafeLives.

She added, “As I’ve said before, silence is corrosive because it leaves the victims feeling both shame and blame.”

It is her goal, according to Camilla, to encourage more women, children, and men to open up and feel comfortable talking about their experiences. “And it is happening in a slow way,” she noted, “but it is such a traumatic experience that I think it becomes a sort of locked into a compartment inside them, and it’s very difficult to find the key to unlocking.”

Royal Family News – Camilla Has Been A Longtime Advocate On The Issue

Royal Family’s Camilla said that the first visit to SafeLives will, “always stick in my memory.” There she heard women talk about their experiences and even the “toughest men” in the room had tears in their eyes.

“We were all pretending to have a cold and blowing our noses,” she recalls. “The experience was so moving.”
Like experts who have weighed in on the matter, Camilla thinks that the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown is resulting in domestic abuse victims being forced to stay at home with abusive partners or family members.

Speaking to this concern, she said, “I fear the numbers are going to be horrific.” A recent SafeLives’ survey of victims and survivors of domestic abuse indicated a high percentage of respondents do not feel safe.

Hopefully, Camilla’s high-profile presence will have a beneficial effect on the elimination of domestic violence and her efforts will help those currently suffering.

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