5 Reason ‘General Hospital’ Needs To Bring Dr. Obrecht Home From The Hague When New ‘GH’ Episodes Air

General Hospital: Kathleen Gati, (Liesl Obrecht)ABC General Hospital spoilers and updates tease that Kathleen has a killer sense of humor when it comes to her Port Charles character Liesl Obrecht.

She’s tweeted a post that is hilarious and sweet at the same time and we bet you can guess who the little girl in the accompanying picture is!

Kathleen Gati Wants Her Character To Get Out Of The Hague

Kathleen’s post reads, “Can somebody please let me out of the Hague? Being in jail is very hard for me! Rarely any snacks, no company, it’s lonely in here!!! #GH @GeneralHospital.”

Fans know that her character is currently facing time for her crime in the Hague. But the pic she posted is a pint-sized Kathleen in her crib. She looks absolutely adorable in a little t-shirt and diaper and she really does look like she’d love to get out of jail!

There Are Plenty Of Reasons To Get Kathleen’s Character Back To Port Charles

There are a ton of reasons why Dr. O needs out of The Hague and back on GH and we have five of them!

#1 We want to see the character explore her budding relationship with Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers). Robert was unusually nice to Liesl after her arrest, something he is loathed to do with criminals. Fans went wild with speculation that these two could have a future together and we’d love to see that plot explored.

#2 We want to see Liesl come back and try to regain her position as head of GH. Can you see it now, Liesl telling Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) that the board has once again made her chief of staff?

#3 We want to see Liesl slap that smug look off of Peter August’s (Wes Ramsey) pretty boy face once and for all. Liesl is in The Hague because Peter set her up. When she gets out, and she will, she will hunt him down and make him pay dearly.

#4 We want to see Liesl make Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) eat a big slice of humble pie for ever doubting her. Maxie is foolish enough to believe her beau Peter over her son’s grandma. She should never doubt Liesl!

#4 We want to see her take over the next Nurses Ball. Liesl is not only talented with a scalpel, she’s got a killer voice and awesome dance moves. The very next Nurses Ball must have her in it!

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