‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Theo Threat Increases – Kyle’s Future Uncertain

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Theo Threat Increases – Kyle's Future UncertainThe Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Theo Vanderway’s (Tyler Johnson) intention is to continue applying pressure to Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor). With a deep, dark New York secret as a weapon, Theo is proving to be a substantial enemy.

Much like a small child who can’t get his way, Theo refuses to accept Kyle’s move toward marriage. That choice is seen as settling, whereas Theo’s party days aren’t in the past, but exist in the here and now of Genoa City, Wisconsin.

At first Theo seemed to be a buddy, no different than others who Kyle knew during his time away from home. But as time passed, Theo’s passive-aggressive approach has increased. He’s not on board with Kyle pushing him aside as part of the perceived plan to marry Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle).

Viewers are aware of Theo’s increasingly combative words and actions. Whoever he meets, that has some type of connection to Kyle, is either provided with tidbits of information that aren’t meant to promote Mealor’s character, but to undercut him.

It’s totally understandable that Kyle is now enraged. His initial asks to Theo to accept his developing life were rejected. As August moves toward it’s middle period whatever their relationship was has turned fully sour, like spiked lemonade left outside in the summer sun.

Speaking of Summer Newman (Hunter King), she hasn’t yet recognized that her somewhat boyfriend represents trouble. King’s character thinks of Theo as a fun guy, who is on board with her no-strings rules.

Due to Lola’s outreach, Summer agreed to attend Kola’s coed pre-wedding party. Both the bachelor and the bachelorette are present, as are their families, friends and Theo, who is Summer’s date.

Johnson’s nuanced character’s microphoned pronouncement about Kyle creates further tension, as he seems intent on doing whatever it takes to punish this former party animal. And that’s the crux of it, Kyle refuses to play ball on the school ground during summer break.

The above is an accurate description of Theo, who has revealed himself as someone who refuses to grow up. Since Kyle does, conflict exists and will persist.

It would seem that next week’s arrival (August 15) of Zoe Hardisty (Anna Grace Harlow) projects into the building Theo-Kyle rivalry. Assuming that this new character is connected to each man’s past, present possibilities are intriguing.

Here’s hoping that Kyle and Lola are strong enough to survive Theo’s attempts to dash their wedding. Kola is one of Y&R’s brightest young couples in many years. Viewers are surely hoping their vows are completed, regardless of whatever drama exists before or during the ceremony.

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